Margaret (Peg) Regan, former longtime principal at the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School, will step in as interim principal on Monday August 17, following news last week that Gilbert Traverso had resigned the top post after barely a year on the job.

Vineyard schools superintendent Dr. Matthew D’Andrea confirmed the appointment Wednesday morning. There will be a short overlap of one week where Mrs. Regan and Mr. Traverso will work together to preview the upcoming school year.

“We’re excited,” said Mr. D’Andrea. “She’s worked at the high school as principal before from 1999 to 2008 and she comes in with experience and talent.”

Mrs. Regan will act as principal for the 2015/2016 academic year, with the search for a permanent replacement now set to begin in January, Mr. D’Andrea said. Meanwhile, he expressed confidence that the high school is in safe hands.

“I have worked with Peg in some capacity since I’ve been out here, and she is very smart and talented,” he said. “I am confident it will be a seamless transition.”

After she left as high school principal in 2008, Mrs. Regan stayed in education, primarily adult education, among other things working with ACE MV. When she heard of Mr. Traverso’s resignation, she called the superintendent and offered help, she told the Gazette Wednesday.

“I said if they needed help I would be willing to help with the opening of the school,” she said. “They asked if I would be willing to do it for a year.”

Mr. D’Andrea said when Mrs. Regan offered assistance, they already had her mind for the interim position.

“Peg knows the school, knows the staff, she is student centered and active in the community,” he said. “She knows the Island.”

Mrs. Regan said now school leaders will have time to find a qualified, committed candidate who will serve the community well.

“The most important thing is to provide leadership and stability so the staff can develop for themselves the leadership abilities,” she said. “It’s an opportunity for them to have discussions about what they are seeking and prepare themselves for good leadership, it’s not an easy process.”

Mrs. Regan said she will work with Mr. Traverso until August 24.

She has also reached out to the school community via email.

“I hope to meet with all of you during the last couple of weeks of August starting with the administrative support team next week,” she said in an email that went out Tuesday. “It is my honor and privilege to assist in developing the leadership capacity each of you possesses for our beloved high school in the next school year.”

Mr. Traverso, who began work 11 months ago, is leaving to take a new job in New Haven, Conn. He succeeded Stephen Nixon, who resigned in the spring of 2014. Mr. Nixon had succeeded Mrs. Regan.