Justin T. Nonemaker TRS, Justin Nonemaker Revocable Trust, Chesley B. Nonemaker TRS, Chesley B. Nonemaker Revocable Trust purchased undivided 1/2 interest in 16 Mill street from Bonney T. Eggleston TRS, Sixteen Mill Street Nominee Trust, for $1,250,000 on August 3.

Gerard Watson and Phyllis Mutone-Watson purchased 79 Old Purchase Road in Edgartown from Cathie S. Keenan TRS, Cathie S. Keenan Trust-2011 for $675,000 on August 4.

Michael Snowden II purchased 20 Night Heron Road from George Cavallo for $315,000 on August 4.

Christopher D. Dillon TRS and Molly D. Dillon TRS, Dillon Family Trust Agreement, purchased 8 North Farms Road from Michael J. Dillon and Patricia M. Dillon for $378,932 on August 5.

James A. Athearn, Deborah F. Athearn, Prudence Athearn Levy and Joshua M. Levy purchased undivided 1/2 interest in 39 Fishermans Knot Road in Edgartown for $100,000 on August 5.

Sebastian M. Pattavina TRS and Susan M. McSweeney TRS, Triangle 3 Realty Trust, purchased Triangle Condo, unit 3 for $300,000 on August 6.

Sea Side Estates LLC purchased lot 1, Oyster Pond Road from Keith H. Rogal and Anne P. Rogal for $555,000 on August 7.

Eugene Erez purchased 41 Jernegan Pond Road in Edgartown from Sarah M. Gilbert, Sarah M. Fournier, Theodore Harold Vincent Jr. EST and Theodore H. Vincent Jr. EST for $277,500 on August 7.

Oak Bluffs

Bryan D. Taylor and Tanya C. Taylor purchased 55 Tellette street from Ernest Medeiros TRS, Ernest Medeiros Revocable Trust, for $143,000 on August 4.

Kwame Dixon purchased 188 Barnes Road from Anthony Omer and Susan Safford for $385,000 on August 6.

Michael Downs and Fernanda Downs purchased 14 Richmond avenue from Rachel E. Vanderhoop for $409,000 on August 7.

Vineyard Haven

Dominik Baric purchased 19 Renear street in Vineyard Haven from Debra A. Shelton for $485,000 on August 3.