Kyle D. Colter and Sophia E. Welch purchased 66 State Road in Aquinnah from Berta Welch TRS, David Giles TRS, and Alfred A. Vanderhoop Educational Trust for $315,000 on August 11.


Alexander L. Neubauer and April S. Neubauer purchased 29 Fulling Mill Road in Chilmark from Damaris Low Botwick and Jennifer Low Oliver for $580,000 on August 14.


31 Tower Hill LLC purchased 31 Tower Hill Road in Edgartown from Chapeda Hill Corp. for $12,000,000 on August 10.

B Square LLC purchased 4 Noras Lane in Edgartown from Noras Meadow LLC for $835,000 on August 13.

Gary A. Daula purchased 57 Eleventh street South in Edgartown from Island Capital Corp. for $150,000 on August 13.

Catherine W. Quintal purchased 24 Shurtleffs Way in Edgartown from Peter Eltz for $800,000 on August 14.

Warren M. Heilbronner TRS, Ameek Ashok Ponda TRS, and 14 Golf Club Road Trust purchased 14 Golf Club Road in Edgartown from Joann Mettler, Joann M. Mettler, and John H. Mettler for $6,750,000 on August 14.

Oak Bluffs

Louis Savas and April Mason Savas purchased 64 Worcester avenue in Oak Bluffs from Florence Obermann Cross for $325,000 on August 12.

Manuel Rose purchased 4 Meshaket Way in Oak Bluffs from Anthony D. Piland and Mary Lou Piland for $274,000 on August 13.

Kim Hilliard purchased 20 and 20R Wing Road in Oak Bluffs from Daniel S. Phillips for $170,000 on August 14.

Kelly Ann Joyce purchased 17 Norris avenue in Oak Bluffs from Joan E. Hall and Pamela Evette Hall for $539,000 on August 14.

Wolfgang Karbe and Kylee Karbe purchased 12 Pall Mall in Oak Bluffs from Cynthia M. Puchner and Cynthia P. Puchner for $1,358,228 on August 14.

Vineyard Haven

Harriet Portman and David A. Portman purchased 47 Authier avenue in Vineyard Haven from Gregory L. Berks for $554,000 on August 11.

Megan L. Honey and Michael B. Baptiste purchased 64 Moonstone Way in Vineyard Haven from William Mills and Dorothy Mills for $535,000 on August 14.

West Tisbury

Kristina Kinsman Maynard purchased 9 Leona Lane in West Tisbury from James E. Salzman for $355,000 on August 11.