With the fair almost here it is hard to believe our summer season is fast becoming history. The weather has been hot this month, for the most part, but June and July were below standard. By next Wednesday the fair will be but a memory as most all the trucks, tents and carnival equipment will leave starting on Monday. Last weekend and again this one there will be a furious round of season ending parties and summer guests.

Up until late Wednesday afternoon the entry-processing department for the fair will be operating at a fever pitch. Eleanor Neubert is the fair manager, and has been for 31 years, while Kathy Lobb has been the hall manager for a number of years; Eve Heyman is the entry clerk and Bob Hungerford the barn manager. Marion Cushing, owner of Cushing Amusements from Wilmington, is again providing the rides and midway games at the fair. Marion enjoys her time here and reports that “it is like coming to visit family” every year.

Nicole Alley and her son Robert Hambardzumian, of East Taunton, are coming down Wednesday afternoon to attend the fair on Thursday, and then going home that afternoon. She would have liked to spend a longer time here but needs to get back home.

Michele Berlyne, Rick Chisholm, and their children Timothy and Sarah, of Toronto, Canada, are visiting her mother, Shanti Blum, at her Music street home.

Judy Randall of Virginia was the houseguest of Phyllis Meras last week. Judy enjoyed dining out, visiting with friends and helping to celebrate her brother Jon and Genevieve Randall’s 26th wedding anniversary.

Don and Marsha Klepper-Smith, of Old County Road, had a visit from John Parmelee of Wallingford, Conn., who is proprietor of Indian Springs Golf Course in Middlefield, Conn. It was John’s first visit to the Island and he was promptly given a “Tashmoo Baptism” when he helped Don dig a few little necks for the first time; later in the day he visited Aquinnah and the relocated Gay Head Light.

Holly and Jim Coyne, of Music street, report that son Michael recently married Dr. Ellinor Quay of Boston; they will be staying at their home on Music street. Jim also reports that Music street resident David McCullough will be speaking at the prestigious Aero Club in Washington D.C. in early September about his latest book The Wright Brothers.

Debby Provencal and Diane Willborn of Cranston, R.I. were in town last week. They were busy studying the migration patterns of ducks and geese.

Katherine Long of Scotchman’s Lane reports that her sister Mary Ruth Flores is visiting from San Antonio, Tex. Her stepdaughter Wendy Colbert and her friend Amy Reed are also visiting from Pittsburgh. Wendy and Amy will have their usual fiber dyeing booth and Mary Ruth and Katherine will be quilting in the Fiber Tent at the Fair. Mary Ruth will also have a tale to tell about the long delays she encountered in her travels to the Vineyard last week.

Marian Irving reports that on Tuesday, Sept. 1, the Flatbread company will donate a percentage of flatbread sales sold to the fundraising efforts of West Tisbury Congregational Church. Such funds help to offset the outreach expense of the community suppers which are offered in the winter. She also reports that the church had an overflowing attendance of 240 people on Sunday to hear Raphael Warnock from Ebeneezer Baptist Church in Atlanta. He and Rev. Baker attended Union Seminary together and have been friends for more than 20 years. Rev. Warnock is giving serious consideration to running for a Senate seat in Georgia and is a strong advocate for voting rights for every citizen in that state. He is enjoying a brief Island vacation.

On August 22, 2008 Will Monast, the builder and project manager of the Frank Adams house restoration, reported that new dormers were installed and the replacement of the sills were nearly complete. He found an empty bottle of Old Reliable Rye Whiskey that had to be 100 years old, and several containers of red pepper scattered in the attic space that were priced at 75 cents each and had been gnawed open and partially eaten by mice who more than likely were forced to seek some water outside of the house pronto. He also found a 1932 New Bedford Standard Times Sunday edition that Mr. Adams used as pipe insulation; he wrapped the pipe and placed a specially constructed wooden box lined with asphalt shingles inside and out around the pipe.

Happy birthday to Jen Zern, Amelia Kauffman, Elizabeth Orcutt and Jessica Francis Friday, Laura Gilman and Kevin Hopkins Saturday, Judith Morse, Mo Bresnahan, Bill Tsikitas, and Lindsay Webster on Sunday, Michael Oliveira and Caryn Broitman on Monday, Sherm Goldstein, William Knight, T.J. Hegarty and Kendall Chaves on Tuesday, David Rhoderick and Ken Rusczyk on Wednesday, Nancy Burleson, Alan Northcott, Chris West, Paige McCarthy and John Christensen on Thursday.

Well that is all of the social news for this week’s edition. You have a choice of activities Friday night, Fireworks in Oak Bluffs or the Fair. I’ll see you at the Fair. If you have any news please call or e-mail me. Have a great week.

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