The weather has been bearable. The sun was shining and the wind was blowing to keep it nice to be outside. I know that made a lot of people happy.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. I do not have this year’s list yet from the school but I will make up for that next week.

Special birthday wishes go out to Edie Blake who will celebrate her 90th birthday this week. Edie is still very active in many things, including playing croquet. Happy birthday Edie, and here is too many more.

Capt. Everett Whorton will be celebrating a Many Moons birthday on September 12. A tip of the hat and a wonderful day to you.

Well, Labor Day has come and gone. It is always bittersweet as many of our friends and kids have left for their lives off-Island. The beach time is dwindling down, and it is getting darker and darker every night.

But the teachers are back at school with their new students. The kids are all sun-bronzed and getting ready to put shoes on after a summer of flip flops (even some of us adults will be holding out to the last minute!). And I hope they are excited to see the classmates they have not seen all summer.

This past week many thoughts have been in my mind. Last weekend came an end to another chapter in my life and many other lives.

Bonnie Deitz pulled out all the belongings from the home of her parents, Ken and Phyllis.

To me he was Uncle Dad, as he was the father of us Rainbow Girls oh so long ago and he became my uncle when I married his nephew Bobby. Auntie Phyl was always Auntie Phyl.

Uncle Kenny could fix any car or any machine if you gave him the challenge. He had his garage where the gate is to Cottle’s on the West Tisbury Road. He worked in there endlessly and if you were there long enough you would hear his words going as he tried to get something to start. But he always won.

Auntie Phyl was the quiet housewife who kept the home and raised her two daughters, Doreen and Bonnie. She cooked, and boy could she cook. She was quiet but you knew your limits. And she was so, so, kind.

They are all still family to me so as Bonnie was putting things out for sale we both had some laughs thinking of the things Auntie Phyl used and how much stuff she had collected over the years. There were even things from her mother’s mother. There were great memories for all us, ones we will always cherish.

Again, it was bittersweet as the era comes to an end, but now a new era begins and one we hope Bonnie will enjoy and love.

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