Stephen H. Rusckowski and Deborah O’Hara-Rusckowski purchased property on Moshup Trail from Neil J. Weisman and Donna Weisman for $265,000 on Sept. 18.


Richard H. Brudnick and Cynthia L. Brudnick purchased 73 Bijah’s Way in Chilmark from Howard R. Pitsch for $975,000 on Sept. 15.

High Pasture Farm LLC purchased 4 Austin Pasture in Chilmark from Patricia P. Sands for $3,350,000 on Sept. 16.


Laura DeVita and Joseph DeVita purchased 497 Katama Road, unit G3 in Edgartown from Robert L. Jacobs and Jean B. Jacobs for $650,000 on Sept. 15

Matthew Ward Barr purchased 45 East Cape Poge avenue in Edgartown from Joseph C. Sullivan and Barbara F. Sullivan for $459,000 on Sept. 15.

Kenneth T. Roache and Stephanie W. Roache purchased 8 Mockingbird Drive in Edgartown from JMP Property & Development LLC for $450,000 on Sept. 15.

Steven K. Steinberg and Sindy S. Rosen purchased 15 Dunes Road in Edgartown from Maryellyn W. Page, George W. Page EST, and George Whitmarsh Page for $1,495,000 on Sept. 15.

Michael F. Torcia purchased 42 Eighth street North in Edgartown from Catherine Buttrick and Marcus Joseph Mueller for $145,000 on Sept. 16.

Timothy M. Bowe and Elaine F. Bowe purchased 15 Beach Plum Meadow in Edgartown from James D. Javaras and Nancy N. Javaras for $3,375,000 on Sept. 16.

Allister R. Williams purchased 140 Pennywise Path in Edgartown from Geoffrey Salim Caraboolad for $650,000 on Sept. 17.

Truman N. French, Carl T. Pforzheimer, and Carl A. Pforzheimer purchased an undivided 50 per cent interest in 20 Jennie Lane in Edgartown for $628,875 on Sept. 17.

Fred Hoffman and Kathleen Hoffman purchased 37 Knoll Drive in Edgartown from Tara McCarthy and John H. McCarthy EST for $725,000 on Sept. 17.

Oak Bluffs

Patricia Hecht purchased 11 Waterview Farms Road in Oak Bluffs from Lynne Alden TRS, Waterview Farms Irrevocable Trust, for $690,000 on Sept. 14

Primo and Mary Lombardi purchased 32 Beach Road in Oak Bluffs from Abel Mora TRS, Oak Bluffs Realty Trust, for $330,000 on Sept. 14.

Caleb Caldwell and Mary Ibsen purchased 25 Franklin avenue in Oak Bluffs from 25 Franklin Avenue LLC for $50,000 on Sept. 15.

Carolyn Jean Blackwood TRS and Bradley Roy Jensen TRS, Bradley Roy Jensen & Carolyn Jean Blackwood Faily Trust, purchased 274 Sea View avenue in Oak Bluffs from Farmers Bank & Capital Trust Co. TRS, Lorentz Pare Jr. Conventional Trust, for $3,110,000 on Sept. 16.

Vineyard Haven

Brent L. Elliott and Ruby Elliott purchased 73 Leland avenue in Vineyard Haven from Kevin B. Hatt for $539,000 on Sept. 15.

Penny R. Parrot TRS, Penny R. Parrot Revocable Trust Agreement purchased 607 Herring Creek Road in Vineyard Haven from Charles M. Parrish TRS and Nancy J. Parrish TRS, Mill House Way Nominee Trust, for $2,200,000 on Sept. 15.

Robert E. Barry and Diane M. Barry purchased 105 Sandpiper Lane, Unit V-C in Vineyard Haven from Jack Gray and Claire Gray for $1,000,000 on Sept. 18.