David Tilton and Lynn Silva were out making their typical derby rounds Friday afternoon when they came across a whale in 20 to 25 feet of water just off the Brickyard on the Chilmark north shore.

They called on the radio to advise those in Menemsha Harbor of the whale’s presence in the area, as it could present a navigational hazard. There was also the possibility that it was entangled.

Dennis Jason, Menemsha harbor master, along with his son Denny, Brian Curry, Marshall and Bradley Carroll all went out to see if they could see any signs of distress or entanglement.

The group identified the creature as a finback whale approximately 30 to 40 feet long.

The Coast Guard was notified along with the marine mammal response team.

The whale casually made its way toward Gay Head, cruising past the bell buoy and along Dogfish Bar.

The water spout was visible from spout water from the back door of Menemsha Texaco. The whale did not appear to be in distress.