Condolences to the Mahoney family, Jim, Melissa, Aileen, and Seamus, on the loss of their pup, Boru. He was, according to Melissa, a loving, kind, protective, loyal, and steady member of their family for 11-plus years. Boru, the one in a million dog, will be deeply missed.

Please send well wishes, positive vibes and healing thoughts to Wesley Brighton, who suffered an L1 vertebrae fracture the other day while surfing at Painted House. He’s weathering his personal storm surrounded by great care and family at Mass General. Big thanks to all of his buddies, Aquinnah PD, Chilmark PD, Tri-Town ambulance and more for getting him to help as rapidly as possible.

Rebecca Gilbert and Randy BenDavid of Native Earth Teaching Farm would like to extend an invitation to all of their Aquinnah neighbors. They will be hosting their annual free Popcorn Festival on Sunday, Oct. 11 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. In addition to scrumdiddlyumptious popcorn from Morning Glory Farm, there will be sweet cider by the MV gleaners and adorable goats that need naming. Put your thinking caps on and be prepared with thoughtful names for their little critters.

Happy 10th anniversary to Paul and Theresa Manning, who celebrated Oct. 8.

Let’s extend a warm welcome to Ollie Crowell and Lily Melyawati along with their girls Putu (10) and Made (5) who have recently moved to town from Uluwatu, Bali. Ollie is a familiar face to many as he made Martha’s Vineyard home prior to relocating to Bali approximately 12 years ago but has kept in touch with many friends here. Dear old friends include Noli and Isaac Taylor, who I am sure, along with many new friends have made their transition to town a very welcoming one. A potluck get together was held at their home so adults and children alike could have an opportunity to say “nice to meet you!” Putu and Made are new members of the charter school community.

Paula Eisenberg was kind enough to share a little blurb about last weekend’s 10K race. She explained that because of the uncertainty about the effect of Hurricane Joaquin early in the week, the Gay Head 10K committee considered having to cancel the race. The group, and likely the participants, were thankful when it became clear the storm was going to head to the east and out to sea. As it was, the wind was very strong, and the tent installers had to put the tent in the beach parking lot, instead of in the circle. Fortunately folks are adaptable and it all worked out quite well. There were a few no-shows, no doubt because of the weather, but those who raced enjoyed the challenging conditions.

The winner of the women’s division, Alex Testa of Somerville, said, “Thanks to you and everyone for organizing a great race. I ran in 2013 and had to come back this year. It was so much fun, beautiful course, and best of all everyone was so welcoming and kind. It’s my favorite race to run! I can’t wait to come back!” Paula will be posting a slideshow of Lisa Vanderhoop’s photos of race day at as soon as they are available.

Congratulations to Alexandra Taylor for being the top Aquinnah runner. Her time of 47:26.00 put her in 23rd place overall. Way to go AT. Second top Aquinnah runner, with a time of 49:49.0, was Aquinnah Ranger Michael Selletti, placing him 31st. Congratulations to all of those who ran.

The second Tuesday in October, which falls this year on Oct. 13, is Cranberry Day.

It is a traditional holiday for families to gather and harvest the last fruit of the season. Children are allowed a day off from school to partake in the festivities. The day not only includes the cranberry harvest, but a joyous potluck gathering, the sharing of stories and an overall appreciation for another year’s harvest and family and friends. According to June Manning, the Lobsterville bogs have always been kept in their natural state and shared with the deer.

Early twentieth century novelist Thomas Wolfe once wrote: “All things on earth point home in old October; sailors to sea, travellers to walls and fences, hunters to field and hollow and the long voice of the hounds, the lover to the love he has forsaken.”

These words resonate with me. October marks not only the end of days at sea trolling for the derby winner but preparations for scallop season begin, sweet surfing waves swell along the south shore, archery season is underway on tribal lands, acorns fall and offer predictions for the upcoming winter, anniversaries of noteworthy couples are celebrated (Buddy and Lisa and Paul and Theresa included) and more. Enjoy the warmth of this October sky, breathe in the sweet smell of grapes, and revel in the beauty of our roadsides lined with goldenrod (but don’t breath deeply if you happen to be allergic) and little purple asters.

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