One really nice thing about June Manning taking a little breather from writing her column is the simple fact that I get to fill you in on her comings and goings. She would never write about herself and all of her adventures and escapades yet, she lives a truly full life that is fascinating. I’m not actually sure how the woman finds time to sleep.

This past weekend June had a lovely breakfast with her sister Jyl and grand-nephews Robbie and Logan. The four of them dined out at Biscuits in Oak Bluffs. Owners Chris and Celeste Arcudi were wonderful hosts.

After eating food prepared for her, June prepared a feast for the crew on duty at Station Menemsha. According to Jerry Tingle, one of the young men June cooked for, “June stopped by for a surprise visit to Station Menemsha bringing the crew a plethora of food from home cooked ribs, mac and cheese, to an array of deserts and cheeses. (This is) just something she does for the crew out of pure generosity. From station Menemsha and the crew, thank you.”

Not only did June cook for the crew, she stayed for a lovely visit catching up on their comings and goings. In addition to JT, she enjoyed the company of Adam Smith, Savannah Hooe, Mason Martin, Ben Renner, Shaquille Reed and Irv Purington. The big question we all likely have is how on earth did June manage to cook all of that food? Her secret, and I will share, is that she snuck into Paul and Theresa’s kitchen and used their oven, too.

June could sneak in because Paul, Theresa, and Noah were away for the weekend. They attended an engagement party for Theresa’s nephew Robert Kistner and his fiancée Ainslee Doyle on Sunday at the Pirate Canoe in Poughkeepsie, N.Y.  Chef Bob is a co-owner of Bill and Bob’s BBQ in Poughkeepsie. He was formerly the chef at Slice of Life and Sweet Life Café. While in New York, they went on their annual apple picking excursion including a hayride at Barton Orchards. On their way home on Monday they stopped in Mystic, Conn. for lunch at the Engine Room. Although Paul expressed that they really didn’t do much, it sounds to me as they managed to pack in quite a bit and have a fabulous time.

They returned in time for Noah to take part in the traditional Cranberry Day picking and festivities. Despite the early morning torrential rain, thunder and lightening, the day made a complete turn around and ended up picture perfect. Babes to elders participated and posed for a memorable group photo.

The WYRC One Meter Challenge model boat races that used to take place faithfully from the sands of Red Beach along Menemsha Pond were resurrected this past weekend under the persistent guidance of Spa Tharpe. A smile from ear to ear was on Lenny Butler’s face as his trimaran Triumph crossed the finish line possibly a split second before Scottie DiBiaso’s beauty of a vessel. It sounds like a tie may have been declared since the two sailed in neck and neck.

I bumped into Joanne and Jack Fruchtman over this past weekend. They were enjoying a lovely visit from their granddaughter, Clara Colas. Clara, who calls Paris, France home, is a freshman at Wheaton College in Norton. Lucky for all, Norton is but a hop, skip and a jump away from the Woods Hole ferry dock so a long weekend enjoying the company of their beautiful granddaughter sounded ideal.

Sadly, it is the end of an era as we console the entire Taylor family on the passing of matriarch Trudy Taylor. Most of us have had both heartfelt and fiery conversations with the woman who mothered five children and enjoyed the company of numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She was witty and outspoken. She was both knowledgeable and questioning. A little piece of my heart goes out to Hugh, Liv, Kate, James and all of their family members. I will miss my near-weekly meet and greets with Trudy at the Chilmark Post Office.

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