DCD Group Cape LLC purchased 4 Hye Lane in Edgartown from Gary L. Towne and Lois M. Towne for $460,000 on Nov. 2.

Bradford L. Holley and Aurora L. Holley purchased 41 South Summer street in Edgartown from Jane E. Dooley for $2,875,000 on Nov. 2.

Ross Engelman purchased 80A Oyster Pond Road in Edgartown from Sea Side Estates LLC for $1,206,675 on Nov. 3.

Owen R. O’Neill and Darlene S. O’Neill purchased 88 The Boulevard in Edgartown from Donald E. Stavens and Rosalie M. Stavens for $750,000 on Nov. 3.

VIC MV Hotel LLC purchased 128 Main street in Edgartown from Hob Knob Inn LLC for $4,900,000 on Nov. 6.

8 Duncan Close LLC purchased 8 Duncan Close in Edgartown from Darla Meske-O’Brien TRS, Darla Meske-O’Brien 2013 Revocable Trust for $580,000 on Nov. 6.

Alan G. Badey purchased 55 Old Purchase Road in Edgartown from Patrick Gentile and Myra Gentile for $725,000 on Nov. 6.

60 Slough LLC purchased 60 Slough Cove Road in Edgartown from Prentice Bowsher for $2,600,000 on Nov. 6.

Suzanne L. Conley TRS, Suzanne L. Conley Amended & Restated Revocable Trust purchased 26 Louis Field Road in Edgartown from Louis Field Road LLC for $1,089,000 on Nov. 6.

Harry Sinclair and Lianne Sinclair purchased 10 Quampache Lane in Edgartown from Dorothy M. Mosko TRS, Burris Family Martha’s Vineyard Nominee Trust for $1,835,000 on Nov. 6.

Oak Bluffs

Wayne A. Marasco and Jennifer M. Brown purchased 21 Island Inn Road, Unit 48 in Oak Bluffs from Richard P. Merriam TRS, Richard P. Merriam Trust Agreement for $135,000 on Nov. 2.

Roger Groves and Joan Groves purchased 4 Winemack street in Oak Bluffs from Mary Ann Henninger TRS, Winemack House Realty Trust for $349,000 on Nov. 3.

Phaedra Ben David and Kelli-Ann Stewart purchased 39 Lower Douglas Lane in Oak Bluffs from Judith Bringola and Christine Rose for $455,000 on Nov. 6

Vineyard Haven

Helen Jan Rosenfeld TRS, Helen Jan Rosenfeld Family Trust purchased 337 Main street in Vineyard Haven from Wendy W. Luers TRS, Wendy W. Luers 2012 Revocable Trust Agreement for $1,100,000 on Nov. 2.

Jonathan Averill and Kimberly Averill purchased 50 Lantern Lane in Vineyard Haven from Wayne H. Dickinson, Peggy Anne Dickinson, and Peggy Anne O’Brien for $405,000 on Nov. 5.

West Tisbury

Elaine R. Barse and Christopher R. Egan purchased 34 Dr. Fisher Road in West Tisbury from Cornelius D. Flynn for $730,000 on Nov. 2.

Robert B. Massick and Michelle E. Borre Massick purchased 131 Merry Farm Road in West Tisbury from Joyce M. Wright TRS, Hilltop Farm Nominee Trust for $1,750,000 on Nov. 4.

Lawrence N. Garfield TRS, Jennifer Garfield TRS, 200 Longview Nominee Trust purchased 200 Longview Road in West Tisbury from Gavin B. Franklin and Penny L. Franklin for $790,000 on Nov. 6.