David J. Costigan, Christine M. Costigan, Juan Lopez and Laurie Lopez purchased 114 Whalers Walk in Edgartown from Lester Gordon TRS, Dafna Krouk-Gordon TRS, Lester Gordon Revocable Trust 2009 for $774,500 on Nov. 30

Richard J. Moller Jr., Mary Alice Moller, and Therese O’Hara purchased 31 Meetinghouse Hill Road in Edgartown from Donald F. O’Shaughnessy and Janna M. O’Shaughnessy for $567,500 on Nov. 30.

Mark Winthrop and Ellen Winthrop purchased 142 Upper Main street in Edgartown from WMMV Real Estate LLC for $2,300,000 on Dec. 1.

Susan V. Lisa purchased 11 Kitts Field Circle in Edgartown from Dale Dutile and Lisa Dutile for $1,750,000 on Dec. 1.

Jason Sanphy and Teresa Sanphy purchased 208 Katama Road in Edgartown from Kirby Thorne-Doyle for $1,935,001 on Dec. 1.

Marc A. Crisafulli and Melissa E. Crisafulli purchased 17 Motick Trial in Edgartown from Stephen R. Kelley for $3,600,000 on Dec. 2.

Simon F. Lund and Alisan MF Lohan Conway purchased 14 Court street in Edgartown from Francis Yerardi TRS, Frances Yerardi Family Trust for $654,750 on Dec. 2.

Joseph D. Wargo and Lisa G. Wargo purchased 124 North Water street in Edgartown from James J. McKay TRS, Anne B. McKay EST, 124 North Water Realty Trust and Anne B. McKay Trust for $3,333,333.33 on Dec. 3.

Oak Bluffs

Steven Lowenthal and Abbe Lowenthal purchased 27 Island Inn Road, Unit 8 in Oak Bluffs from Harlan S. Kelley and Miriam P. Kelley for $85,000 on Dec. 3.

Vineyard Haven

Richard M. Fasanelli purchased property at Amelia’s Crossing in Vineyard Haven from Paul D. Adler TRS, 14 Pine Street Realty Trust for $263,000 on Nov. 30.

Hospice of Martha’s Vineyard purchased 459 State Road, Unit 24 in Vineyard Haven from Woodland Center LLC for $20,000 on Nov. 30.

Carol D. Arrowsmith purchased 54 Summer street in Vineyard Haven from John E. Holmes Jr. and John E. Holmes Sr. for $560,000 on Dec. 1.

Charles T. Felder purchased 168 Lake street in Vineyard Haven from Lori A. Dzivasen and Christian Meyer 3rd for $550,000 on Dec. 4.

Gary McGivney and Carolyn Drew purchased 75 Summer street in Vineyard Haven from Bank of New York Mellon TRS for 269,325 on Dec. 4.

West Tisbury

Daniel L. Vanlandingham purchased lot 7 on Pine Hill Road in West Tisbury from Huseby Mountain Farm LLC for $335,000 on Nov. 30.

Richard Binder and Barbara Binder purchased 9 Fire Tower Road in West Tisbury from Betsey B. Swan for $970,000 on Dec. 2.

Edward J. Stevenson purchased 28 Pond Lane in West Tisbury from JM Partners LLC for $95,000 on Dec. 4.

Geoghan E. Coogan TRS, 28 Pond Lane Nominee Trust purchased 28 Pond Lane in West Tisbury from Edward Stevenson, Edward J. Stevenson, and Lorin Stevenson for $2,875,000 on Dec. 4.