Joytown Trust and Laurie J. Colombo TRS purchased 2 Youngs Way in Chilmark from Paula H. Noe TRS for $2,462,500 on Dec. 17.


Joan M. Creato purchased 46 Hamblen Way in Edgartown from Michael J. Creato and Timothy F. Creato for $331,500 on Dec. 15.

Michael P. Adams and Frederick A. Davie purchased 15 Samson avenue in Edgartown from Gary A. Lichtenstein and Shoshana A. Lichtenstein for $370,000 on Dec. 15.

Lionel Spiro purchased 5 Old Pocha Road in Edgartown from Paul Wales for $125,000 on Dec. 17.

Ralph P. Fargnoli Jr. and Judith R. Fargnoli purchased 37 Witchwood Lane in Edgartown from Jennifer F. Myers TRS, Eric M Myers. TRS, Amy M. Mazzocco TRS, and Phillip Mazzocco Jr. TRS for $3,675,000 on Dec. 18.

Tanya Lapinski purchased 8 Armstrong Lane in Edgartown from David B. Murpy, Tanya Lapinski and Tanya Murphy for $27,500 on Dec. 18.

Oak Bluffs

Barry Lavalle purchased 40 County Road in Oak Bluffs from LP Kurian for $362,500 on Dec. 14.

12 Greenleaf LLC purchased 12 Greenleaf avenue in Oak Bluffs from Ronald L. Monterosso and Robyn B. Nash and Naomi Jones Quisenberry Est. for $650,000 on Dec. 16.

Rene J. Will and Timothy J. Millerick purchased 55 Wing Road in Oak Bluffs from Martha’s Vineyard Savings Bank, Carolyn R. Brown and Richard C. Brown, Est. for $401,000 on Dec. 17.

Sylvester W. Albert and Elizabeth A. Slaughter purchased 7 County Road in Oak Bluffs from Nathaniel H. Dickerson for $380,000 on Dec. 17.

John D. Schumacher purchased 15 North Meadow Lane in Oak Bluffs from David W. Walker, and Simone Renee Scott-Walker for $914,500 on Dec. 18.


James C. Bradberry purchased 96 Spring street in Tisbury from Melinda J. Costa, Melinda J. Lockwood, Stacey M. Costa and Stacey M. Gardner for $375,000 on Dec. 15.

Whitney Burke purchaed 65 Spring Hill Road in Tisbury from Paula M. Sullivan and Keith M. Fullin for $500,000 on Dec. 17.

West Tisbury

Mabel Johnson Family Trust and William H. Brine Sr. Trs. purchased Watcha Division Lot 12 in West Tisbury from Lynda F. MacDonald and Ann C. Brine TRS, for $330,000 on Dec. 18.

Christina Nicole Simmons and Wade William Simmons purchased 32 Old Courthouse Road in West Tisbury from Donna K. Diaz and Joseph M. Diaz for $850,000 on Dec. 18.