The fragile barrier beach at Norton Point off Chappaquiddick was awash again Sunday as the ocean broke through the ribbon of sand on a stormy day.

Peter Wells, a longtime Chappy resident who owns the Chappaquiddick ferry, sent pictures to the Gazette of the new breach. Just before 1 p.m. Sunday, winds were blowing 35 miles per hour from the south at the ferry point and felt stronger at Wasque, Mr. Wells said in an email.

Weather conditions were windswept and rainy with temperatures in the low 50s; by early afternoon the Steamship Authority had cancelled some ferry trips. The National Weather Service had issued a high wind warning for the Cape and Islands one day earlier.

The breach at Norton Point had closed early this summer after an opening that began in a 2007 storm and lasted for the next eight years. The wide breach wreaked havoc with tides in Katama Bay and the largely unbuilt shoreline at the eastern end Chappaquiddick as it slowly migrated from west to east. One house had to be moved and another was severely threatened.

The breach finally closed in April. By the time of the fall fishing derby fishermen were on the barrier beach again casting for bass and blues. During a storm on Sept. 30 the beach broke open again, just west off Wasque Point, severing Chappaquiddick from the main Island and causing fresh consternation among breach-watchers.

But this time the opening was short-lived and three weeks later had closed again.