Tisbury voters made short work of a nine-article special town meeting warrant Tuesday night, quickly approving several spending items in just over 30 minutes.

With moderator Deborah Medders presiding, 113 registered voters convened in the Tisbury School gymnasium.

Voters approved spending for new ambulance chassis, DPW vehicles, and library floors. — Mark Lovewell

An article asking for $61,138.58 to purchase two new trucks for the Department of Public Works was amended on the town meeting floor to instead cover the purchase of one wood chipper and one three-quarter-ton pick up truck.

DPW employee and Tisbury resident Ken Maciel called for the amendment, saying that in the event of a bad storm, the department needs a wood chipper to deal with debris.

Acting DPW director Paul Wohler argued to keep the funding for two trucks, explaining that funding for a wood chipper was figured into DPW capital plans that would be voted on in spring.

“We need basic transportation for employees, we do not have enough to get people around to work,” said Mr. Wohler.

Town administrator John (Jay) Grande said he has received complaints from employees about the ability to get to job sites. He deferred to the judgment of Mr. Wohler on priorities and encouraged supporting his recommendation.

But voters opted for the wood chipper; the amendment passed 51 to 41 and the amended article passed as well.

Voters also approved $110,000 for a new chassis for the fire department’s primary ambulance. The department has experienced continued mechanical problems with the 2007 Ford E-450 ambulance and felt it unwise to sink any more money into repairs. Ambulance coordinator Tracey Jones explained it could cost up to $250,000 to purchase a new ambulance instead of a new chassis.

Selectmen Melinda Loberg, Tristan Israel, and Larry Gomez. — Mark Lovewell

The library will be able to seal and treat their concrete floors with $30,000 appropriated and transferred from the unreserved fund balance. George Balco, chairman of the library trustees, said the treatment will happen at the same time as new carpeting is installed in the basement level of the library.

“This is a good time of year. Keep in mind that the library is a very important building to the town, visited by many, many people,” he said. “We want some nice clean carpeting for little kids to sit on, and we don’t want the concrete to be leaking.”

The voters agreed unanimously and with little discussion to pay $8,622.04 in past due bills, to spend $7,600 on inspections and estimates for repairs on town docks and piers, and to use $22,000 left from the salary budgeted for the IT director for various updates to improve the town’s networks and systems. The town had budgeted to fill the IT director position in October, but filled it in January.

Spending $40,000 for a comprehensive performance evaluation of the town sewer system was approved by majority.

At the recommendation of town selectmen, voters took no action on two articles related to the town employee compensation and classification. Selectmen said details of the plan were not finalized and they planned to have the articles ready for town meeting in the spring.