Kenneth A. DiPietro and Corinne K. DiPietro purchased 5 Sunset Lane in Aquinnah from Martha Hartel and Paul J. Hartel, trustees of Lighthouse Trust, for $1,395,000 on Jan. 27.


Adam D. Marcus and Carrie R. Marcus purchased 81 Cobbs Hill Road in Chilmark from Michele T. Winnington and Michele T. Rovin for $1,000,000 on Jan. 26.

Hillary A Noyes-Keene and John E. Keene purchased a 50 per cent undivided interest in 33 Tiercel Lane in Chilmark from Peter F. Keene for $300,000 on Jan. 29.


John J. Miskel 3rd and Bonnie Miskel purchased 103 School street in Edgartown from Glenn H. Ward and Sandra L. Ward for $2,075,000 on Jan. 29.

Oak Bluffs

Summer A. Clements purchased 74 Shawanue avenue in Oak Bluffs from Albert R. Clements 3rd for $202,400 on Jan. 25.

Kathleen D. Sollitto purchased 4 Beech Tree Lane in Oak Bluffs from Charles A. Davis Jr. and Mark F. Davis for $440,000 on Jan. 27.

Martha’s Vineyard Hospital Inc. purchased 81 New York avenue in Oak Bluffs from William P. Moore and Mary C. Moore for $1,375,000 on Jan. 29.

William P. Moore and Mary C. Moore purchased 13 West Meadow Lane in Oak Bluffs from Karen L. Silvia and Rodney P. Silvia, trustees of the Silvia Family Nominee Trust, for $590,000 on Jan. 29.

Vineyard Haven

Vineyard Acres LLC purchased 98 William street in Vineyard Haven from Dawn K. Braasch for $2,500,000 on Jan. 25.

Diane King purchased 124 Skiff avenue unit C-1 in Vineyard Haven from John Fidler and Joan Fidler for $262,500 on Jan. 25.

Stokley P. Towles Jr. purchased 678 Main street in Vineyard Haven from H. Kimbrough Towles and Amor H. Towles for $466,666.67 on Jan. 27.

Crystal A. Ewart and Glenn Goulart purchased 366 Franklin street in Vineyard Haven from Kimberley McDonnell for $395,000 on Jan. 28.

Raule Espinoza and Deborah A. Espinoza purchased 76 Circuit avenue in Vineyard Haven from David M. Espindle and Diane M. Espindle for $550,000 on Jan. 28.

Richard Guilford Kerlikowske and Anna T. Laszlo purchased 113 West Spring street in Vineyard Haven from Judson Goodnow and Nikki Goodnow for $635,000 on Jan. 29.

West Tisbury

Gregory M. Mone and Nicole T. Mone purchased 61 Pin Oak Circle in West Tisbury from Sarah S. Isenberg for $502,050 on Jan. 26.

Jeffrey Horenstein purchased 1081 State Road in West Tisbury from Linda M. Hearn, trustee of Linda Realty Trust, for $457,500 on Jan. 28.