Francismar Silva Desouza and Lira Dayane Desouza purchased 44 Smith Hollow Drive in Edgartown from Shelley S. Gilbert, frequently known as Shelley G. Hocking, for $665,000 on Feb. 5.

Oak Bluffs

John Meshack, Cheryl Lugo, and Norman Dawkins purchased 10 Lawrence avenue in Oak Bluffs from David S. Williams and Valerie A. WIlliams for $825,000 on Feb. 1.

Heritage Group Builders LLC purchased 59 Linton avenue in Oak Bluffs from Richmond G. Littlefield and Eleanor R. Littlefield for $195,000 on Feb. 2.

Larkin B. Reeves, trustee of Larkin B. Reeves Family Trust, purchased 21 Uncas avenue and lot 6 on Uncas avenue in Oak Bluffs from David J. Harte and Sharon M. Harte for $550,000 on Feb. 3.

Humberto McGroarty Sampaio and Jane Eileen McGroarty Sampaio purchased 4 Little Pond Road in Oak Bluffs from Travis L. Larsen for $537,175 on Feb. 5.