On this Valentine’s weekend, I can’t help but share a quote from the famous Charles Schultz: “All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” Could we be any luckier than to have a place like Chilmark Chocolates in our midst to fulfill all of our needs? Mary Beth Grady and Allison Burger, along with their beyond remarkable staff, do a truly spectacular job keeping our tastebuds happy. Well, come to think of it, we could be even luckier. We have Chilmark Coffee, Mermaid Farm, The Grey Barn, Chilmark Cottage Baker and so many more folks supplying our every whim with tasty delicacies.

In Grey Barn family news, the Glasgows’ eldest son, Noah, has celebrated a milestone. He has gone from tween to teen. Happy, happy 13th to you. He will observe his rite of passage in May when his family will hold his bar mitzvah celebration.

Also celebrating this week, among others, are: Susan Heilbron, Kendall Harris, Warren Doty, Adelaide Keene, Michelle Mayhew, Carlos Montoya, and, none other than the one and only Jane Slater.

Anne Ganz was part of the birthday bunch this week, too. She celebrated with not only a beautifully vibrant bouquet of tulips and a lovely family luncheon, but she also received well wishes from friends near and far.

Happy fourth to Duke and Zeke Broderick. The fun loving twins will celebrate with the help of their big brother Hunter.

While on my annual Valentine expedition to Chilmark Chocolates, two little birds cheeped some information to me. The little birds (no, of course it wasn't Mary Beth Grady and Onnie Palmer) shared that Tony Palmer will celebrate his 40th on the 14th. Cake, dinner and lots of laughs will surround this very special Valentine celebrant!

Feb. 6 marked the arrival of Dillon Manter Waterman. Born seven weeks early to Lindsey (Rich) and Derek, young Dillon weighed in at 5 pounds, 1 ounce and 17 and three-quarters inches long. He’s doing remarkably well but all of your positive thoughts would be greatly appreciated. His arrival makes him the first grandchild to Kim (Manter) and Ken Cottrill and Tim and Laurisa Rich. Along with his paternal grandparents, Marc and Annie Blanchette, this little lad is sure to be doted upon.

A well-rounded group of gymnasts from Island Gymnastics Training School, coached by Beth Goodell, participated in the winter carnival meet hosted by Dream Big Gymnastics in Cranston, R.I., last weekend. This was the fourth meet Island gymnasts have participated in this season. Chilmark kiddos in the mix included Emily Boyd, daughter of Mary (Murphy) and Jonathan, and Maeve Cook-Martin, daughter of Caitlin and Calder. Maeve finished first all-around in the bronze junior division, which included a second on vault and beam and third on bars. Emily’s first on bars and fourth on beam earned her a fifth all-around. Way to go lovely ladies.

As of Feb. 9, Jerry Tingle, also known as JT, was discharged from the U.S. Coast Guard Station Menemsha. We wish him the best of luck and tremendous happiness in his next phase of life.

Theresa, aka the phantom gourmet chef not only up-Island but often down-Island as well, and coproprietor of Quitsa Cuisine with my dear, sweet sister in law Kendra Buresch, revealed her identity on Sunday at Station Menemsha while the weekend unit was preparing to watch the Super Bowl.  Macaroni and cheese, spicy rice, corn bread, and homemade guacamole filled the bellies of the crew as they watched the Broncos take down the Panthers. Those assisting with the delivery were Noah Manning and his classmate Ty Thomas, both students in Ellen (O’Donoghue) Rossi’s fourth grade class at West Tisbury School.  Ellen’s husband Ryan Rossi, son of Jane and Dan, BM2 at Station Menemsha, was on call over the weekend and gave Noah and Ty a tour.  Of course, Grandma June Manning, the world famous Aquinnah columnist, tagged along.

Donna Honig of Katama is another phantom gourmet chef who prepared her homemade baked beans for Station Menemsha for the weekend as well as brown bread for the crew. What a lucky crew to have all of this homemade goodness.

It has been annual budget time around the Chilmark town hall, although that was not the only reason for generous people to offer gastronomic treats to be shared. Claire Ganz made chocolate chip cookies, Theresa Manning dropped off lentil soup, Bill Dillon and Amy Miller stopped by with homemade donuts, and Jim and Joan Malkin shared more than half a dozen pizzas on the last scheduled finance committee meeting.  

It’s that time again. Ava Stearns, daughter of Sarah Doyle and Bret, is back at it in Wellington, Fla. The better part of her winter is spent competing at the Winter Equestrian Festival, where she is always thick in the medals. She has successfully become the children’s hunter champion. She has won the U.S. Equestrian Federation medal, the Marshall and Sterling medal, the ASPCA Maclay medal and more. Go Ava, go!

A big shout out of appreciation goes to all those who helped in the search for Samantha Smith’s missing pup, Lilly. She strayed from Bill and Kathy’s house on the Crossroad Sunday afternoon and was found safe and sound on Monday. Samantha expresses great appreciation to all and especially Chilmark officers Sgt. Jonathan Klaren, Bret Stearns, and Whit Hyde and Aquinnah Sgt. Paul Manning. Lilly, hopefully, will not set out on another adventurous walkabout in the near future.

West Tisbury School seventh graders, including Chilmark kiddos Bella Thorpe, Imogen Taylor, Josh Dix and Brooks Carroll, return from their class ski trip to Gunstock Mountain in New Hampshire. Although at the time of my writing I don’t have any details to share, I am certain a wonderful adventure was had by all.

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