Well, you may have noticed the streets were quieter this past week, with school vacation drawing folks out of town for a change of scenery. As the week comes to a close, you will see your friends and neighbors trickling back in after seeking out an assortment of adventures.

Without any fanfare at all, Wayne Iacono snuck off and ventured south to catch up with friends in Pompano Beach, Fla. He also thoroughly soaked up some extra vitamin D, which is great medicine for any New Englander in February.

The Keene Clan, John, Hillary, Adelaide, Thea, Ella, and Lathrop, traveled to Philadelphia to connect with the rest of the extended Keene family in honor of John’s step mother’s 80th birthday celebration. Even young Liam Keene, son of Emily Drazen and Pete, set out for the party with his adventurous and attentive aunt, Suzy Keene.

An aside to the Keene travels is wishing a very happy 17th birthday to Adelaide Keene. Yes folks, she’s old enough now to be making progress behind the steering wheel and thinking about college. Two words — time flies.

A very happy birthday shout goes to Julie Flanders. She says she’s getting old but we all know just how young she is as it reflects in her adventurous spirit, fun loving personality, hearty laughter and infectious enthusiasm.

The Chapman Family bid adieu to their Flanders Lane neighbors in exchange for a trip abroad. France was calling and they answered. Hadley spent last year studying abroad at Lycée International de Saint Germain en Laye and February seemed an appropriate time for a return visit.

Genc Brinja has taken the opportunity school vacation week offers to the the Oak Bluffs School computer whiz/techie guy and traveled to Bulgaria for a much-needed reconnect with family and friends.

The Slavin crew, Sean, Dardy, Quinlan and Corrick, also jumped at the opportunity for some good quality family time on the white sandy beaches of Turks and Caicos. While there, Quinlan lost his first molar. I wonder what the tooth fairy deposits if you are swaying in a hammock rocked by a warm Caribbean breeze?

Scott McDowell banged out all of his projects at the Copperworks and has rewarded himself with a trip to Hawaii. He will not only catch up with Anette Cingle and her family on Maui but will seek out his daughter Lauren for some much-needed father daughter time. Lauren calls Kailua, on the island of Oahu, home these days. It’s hard to believe that little girl with a great big grin is now engaged to Mitchell Sheppard.

Marshall, Brooks and I travelled to Williamsburg, Va. We toured many of the historic sites the area has to offer and had a thorough ins and outs tour of the College of William & Mary, where Bradley is now at school.

Mike Broderick and Mary McConneloug, after having spent some time reconnecting with family and friends in town, are back out on the mountain biking circuit. This time, they are in Chile for the TransAndes Challenge. Last week, at Copa Chile Xco International, a race which took place at Parque Saval in Valdivia, Chilé, Mary took her first win of 2016, and a remarkable seventh place finish was had by Mike. Let’s all send a resounding “Go Team!” to the dynamic duo.

Jenny Christy, our diligent and attentive town clerk who is on top of coordinating nomination papers, elections, licenses, keeping us all ethical and oh so much more, has just received her Massachusetts municipal clerk certification. Congratulations, Jenny!

Both Pandora’s Box and Menemsha Texaco have received a little face lift. Jon Mayhew has diligently been replacing windows and reshingling Pandora’s Box. It will surely be ready well in advance of Kara Dougherty-Merry’s spring opening. Won’t her patrons be surprised? Getting those courses of shingles straight even with folks stopping to chat hour after hour is a reflection of Jon’s talent.

Ken Noiseaux and his crew of roofers and shinglers have been hard at work at Menemsha Texaco. It was certainly time for the roof shingles to be replaced as their consistency was comparable to a potato chip. If Herbert Hancock was still around, he might have said the shingles, well weathered by the abrasive sand and salt spray, could have been flipped over and reused but, turning them into kindling seemed a better option.

In other Menemsha news, John Larsen headed out in Summer Dawn on the flat calm sun soaked morning of Feb. 19 to set lobster gear back out. For him, in reaction to the relatively reasonable weather, the spring season has come just a bit early.

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