Big doings at the top of Daggett street! The post office was driven out of its usual quarters by neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night, but rather by water pouring out of the light fixtures. That scene has The Three Stooges and W. C. Fields written all over it. So the post office will be setting up shop in the old library. When you think about it, the library and the post office are in the same business — distributing small flat objects to the multitudes. A library has thousands of square feet of shelf space. Just what you need to organize mail. So there you have it! The goal is to be moved back up to the real post office by June 1. Fingers crossed!

What this means for Chappaquiddickers is two fold. Number one: you can leave your car on Chappy and walk up to get your mail. Number two, however, since the post office needs lots of short term parking spaces, all of the spaces along North Water street will be 15 minute parking only for postal patrons. So forget what I have been saying about parking on North Water street and ignoring the time limits during the week of slip repairs. Don’t park over time on North Water street during post office hours. Overnight will be just fine, but you have to be out of there first thing in the morning. Post office hours are: Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.; Saturday 7 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Thank goodness that this will be the last column in which I go on and on about the ferry slip repairs scheduled for school vacation!

Remember this is the week when the repairs to the Chappy slip will take place. For a period of eight days the ferry will carry only passengers. NO vehicles will be carried on Sunday April 17 and continuing through Sunday April 24 at 6 p.m. However passengers will be carried during the entire time. The ferry ramp in town will remain intact. Passengers will walk aboard there as usual. On the Chappy side, the ferry will land in the extra slip where the second ferry is berthed when not in use. We have a short ramp with handrails to make it easy to get off and on the ferry from the pier. If you have two vehicles and want to leave one in town during that week you will be able to park without getting a parking ticket for going over the time limit, as long as you are parked in a legal space. The town parking lot at the foot of Main street and the other one next to Among the Flowers are not too far from the ferry. I wouldn’t park on Main street. But NO overtime parking on North Water street during post office hours.

The superintendent of The Trustees of Reservations has allowed that you will be able to drive Norton Point beach to and from town without permits during that week. But you will have to follow the rules for over-sand vehicles. Reduce your tire pressure to 12 to 15 psi. Carry a shovel, tow strap and a board to set your jack upon if you should need to change a tire or lift up a dug-in wheel. There will probably be a pretty steady flow of traffic on the beach so you won’t be stranded alone for hours if you get into trouble. If you have never driven the beach before, try to make your first trip in the daytime. The beach looks very different at night. To get on to the beach route to town from the Chappy side go over the Dike Bridge and turn right. To start from the Edgartown side take the left fork to Katama. Drive to the very end and just before the beach you will see an entrance to your left. Remember to deflate your tires before you drive onto the sand and end up stuck in a spot where you block the way for others. If you’ve never driven on the beach before this is a great opportunity to try it for free!

If you have any questions call my cell phone number at 508-627-1577.

The next Chappy Community Center potluck dinner is scheduled for Wednesday, April 20. Donna Kelly is the host. Appetizers at 6 p.m. followed by buffet dinner at 6:30 p.m. The potluck season is nearly over. This gathering will be the fourth to last.

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