It is spring, that is what we keep saying to ourselves. But as to true Vineyard springs, we don’t have one. June will come and we will go from 50 to 70 in one day. But until then we just have to be patient and think of all the green lawns and beautiful flowers we are going to have after all of this. I hope.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Mabel DeRoche and Frank Paciello, who celebrated their day April 9; Brendyn Cimeno, Madelyn Crowell, April 10; Caroline Dolby, April 11; Alyana Correia, April 12; Vinicius DaSilva, Noah Osborn, April 13; and to Dennis Goulart and Roa Sanchez who celebrated April 14.

It is nice now that people are coming home from the south. This week Beth and Bill Erickson made their way home from their home in Florida. They are both happy to be home and get ready for their busy summer.

I always say it is not spring until I hear my friend Jan say she heard the pinkletinks. Well it is official they have been heard. Also the red-winged blackbirds have been filling her feeders.

The Friends of the Edgartown Library have published a book, The Edgartown Free Public Library 1891-2016: A Brief History of the Library and its Friends. Many people helped in the endeavor including Janice Belisle, Annie Burt, Mary Jane Carpenter, Margaret Chirgwin, Olga Church, Patricia Correia, Adele Dreyer, Joan Dunayer and Cornelia Hurst. Dan Waters and Ann DuCharme of the Martha’s Vineyard Museum as well as Nis Kildegaard and former library director, Jill Hughes and present director, Lisa Sherman, were part of the collaborative team.

The 30-page hardcover text, complete with research and photos, chronicles the beginning of the library in the upstairs room of the building on Main street owned by John Pierce, one door up from the present Corner Store in 1892, to the new 2016 building on the West Tisbury Road. Cost of the publication is $24 and this keepsake is available at the library. Proceeds will be used by the Friends to support the library’s programs.

The Federated Church Choir, comprised of members from all over the Island, will embark on its fourth European tour on Friday, April 15. Eight guest singers will join this choir, directed and led by Minister of Music Peter Boak, as they travel through the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, and parts of Wales. The choir will both present sacred music concerts, and also sing as part of worship services in churches and cathedrals. Previous tours led by Mr. Boak with the Federated choir include England, Scotland and Wales, France and Switzerland, and Italy, where they sang in places such as Salisbury Cathedral. They are true ambassadors, bringing the Christian message from this oldest continuing worshiping congregation on the Island of Martha’s Vineyard.

I am glad the ban on plastic bags passed at town meeting, but I have to say, I have plenty of bags in my car but I always forget to take them in the store, and when I get into the store I don’t want to go back out there to get them, but it will be worth it.

With all that went on with the post office fiasco, we have to take our hats off to the town officials, who got the old library to house the post office temporarily until the building at the Triangle is ready to re-open. This was not an easy task and we have to thank the postal workers for taking it all in stride as many people are frustrated, not that you can blame them, but it was out of everyone’s control. So thank you to all who are involved to get things up and running for now.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.

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