The Edgartown post office is now firmly ensconced in the old library at the top of Daggett street. Post office hours are: Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.; Saturday 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. I was under the impression that mail would be delivered to Chappy as usual during this week when the ferry is not carrying vehicles. But I have been wrong before so that isn’t a complete surprise! Therefore, folks who get their mail delivered on Chappy will instead need to hoof it up Daggett Street to the library to get their mail for the rest of this week. That reminds me of the bygone days when we went up to the airport to buy our boat tickets! I think that anyone who feels surprised by anything that happens on the Island just needs to pay closer attention.

I know that last week I promised not to go on and on about the ferry slip repairs. Well, with apologies, here goes! Last Saturday Erik and George put in a final full day of preparations for removing the transfer ramp on the Chappy side. Early Sunday morning the remaining connections that hold the ramp in place were severed and by 9 a.m. it had been gently hoisted up by the big green crane and set off to the side out of the way. By noon the guys had already constructed catwalks, guide gigs and driven 60 feet of sheet piling into the harbor bottom. By Monday afternoon that wall stretched its full length across the slip. Jeff used the underwater saw to trim the wall off at its finished height. That work is now hidden out of sight below the water. Work continues as I write this. There are a lot of details to attend to before the ramp can be reset. I have tried to make it clear that the repair work is not on the ramp itself. The ramp is only involved in that it was obstructing the work area below and therefore had to be moved aside. The slip repair work involves replacing disintegrating wooden bulkheads beneath the ramp. Those structures are being replaced with materials that do not rot. The ramp will be back in place by Sunday evening at 6 p.m. and the ferry will return to normal operation carrying vehicles as well as passengers. If you have any questions call my cell phone at 508-627-1577.

Those of you who are keeping a vehicle in town during this week will be able to park without getting a parking ticket for going over posted time limits, as long as you are parked in a legal space. The town parking lot at the foot of Main street and the one adjacent to the Kelly House are not too far from the ferry. Not a good idea to park on Main street. Now that the post office has moved into the old library, there is NO overtime parking on North Water street during post office hours. This is because the post office needs lots of short-term parking spaces. All of the spaces along North Water street are now 15 minute parking for postal patrons only. Overnight parking will be just fine, but you have to be out of there first thing in the morning.

Folks have been driving Norton Point beach to and from town. You don’t need permits during this week, but you do have to follow the rules for over-sand vehicles. Reduce your tire pressure to 12 to 15 psi. Carry a shovel, tow strap and a board to set your jack upon if you should need to change a tire or lift up a dug in wheel. If you get into trouble you won’t be stranded alone for long. There is a pretty steady flow of traffic on the beach. If this will be your first time driving on the beach do it in the daytime. The beach looks very different at night, even to frequent travelers. To get on to the beach from the Chappy side go over the Dike Bridge and turn right. From the Edgartown side take the left fork to Katama. Drive to the very end. Just before the beach is an entrance to your left. Remember to deflate your tires before driving onto the sand to avoid getting stuck in a spot where you block the way for others.

The Chappaquiddick Community Center is still looking to hire a sailing assistant. Call Martha Weston at 914-907-8920.

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