Little League games began this week at fields all over the Island, including Penn Field, now in its second year of existence. Kids in cleats, colorful shirts, and hats (many worn to school that day), pounded their mitts, picked up their bats and shined up their fastballs.

Baseball is a team game, but also a solitary adventure as each batter takes the long walk from dugout to batters box; coaches' words of encouragement in their heads and some butterflies circling their stomachs.

But on Saturday morning, the action moves from the baseball diamonds to main street; Circuit avenue in particular as the official opening day festivities begin at the police station in Oak Bluffs. The teams all meet up at 9:30 a.m. and then march up Circuit avenue to Viera Park, with fire trucks blasting their sirens and parents and friends lining the sidewalks. Close your eyes and it could be 1950, 1970 or today. The only difference maybe is the amount of pictures taken via smartphones.

After the parade and a moment spent at Viera Park, the festivities move to Penn Field, for the first time. Come out to see the entire future of Vineyard baseball on display in one place, from T-ball to the Major Leagues. A rainbow has nothing on this site of so many kids wearing their colors with pride and decorated with grass stains.

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