Despite pouring rain, thunder and lightning outside, comedian Paula Poundstone and fans braved the storm on Friday night to perform at the Old Whaling Church to a sold-out crowd. Ms. Poundstone’s show was the first in a series of events in the inaugural season of the Martha’s Vineyard Concert Series.

Ms. Poundstone’s show included many categories and subjects, such as the upcoming election, technology in schools and outdated novelties like the pencil. Ms. Poundstone, who lives in Sudbury, creates an atmosphere of give and take, talking with the audience during the show, which helps provide new material every night.

One woman felt so comfortable she admitted that her relaxed lifestyle came from marrying rich “several times.” A man revealed that his business worked in irritable-bowel syndrome related products - always a prime subject for humor.

Ms. Poundstone not only kept the audience laughing all evening, she learned a bit about the Vineyard, including the importance of referring to being ‘on’ Martha’s Vineyard rather than ‘in’ it.

“I’ll never make that mistake again,” she said.

Next up for the series is Alan Cumming on July 14, and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band on July 19. Visit for tickets and schedule information.