A young girl suffered minor injuries and a dog was rescued after an unoccupied car rolled into Menemsha Creek Saturday.

Car was unoccupied except for a dog. — Courtesy Chilmark Police

The vehicle, a Volkswagen Golf, was left near the Home Port Restaurant with a Labrador retriever inside late Saturday morning, police said.

“Something let go,” said Chilmark police chief Brian Cioffi. “It ended up rolling down the hill. It did clip a young girl. There were minor injuries, she was transported to the hospital. The car ended up rolling into the creek.”

Officer Andrew Downs and Det. Sean Slavin responded to the incident. Detective Slavin helped the girl until medics arrived. Officer Downs waded into the shallow water at the base of the stone harbor revetment and got the dog out of the vehicle.

A wrecker was able to pull the car back up into the roadway.

The vehicle is owned by John (Bucky) Burrows of West Tisbury, but was being driven by a visitor, Brad Lamson, of Montana.