Blue balloons were flying Wednesday at Island Alpaca, where the first baby alpaca (called a cria) of the season was born at 9:05 a.m.

Mom Lunette gets a hand with the new baby.

Lunette the alpaca gave birth to a healthy 18-pound baby boy, Island Alpaca said in a press release. The cria was lively at birth and attempted to stand just moments after he was born. A visiting Girl Scout troupe from Eastern Massachusetts were on hand to see the new baby, and one suggested that the baby should be named Wiggles.

The baby boy joins the farm's herd of 56 alpaca.

Island Alpaca is seeking names for the new baby, and suggestions can be sent to The entrant who comes up with the chosen name will be given a gift certificate to Island Alpaca. The new baby comes from a long line of names starting with L: Lunette's mother was named Luna, and last year she had a baby girl named Lucianna.