When asked what audiences can expect from Wendy Taucher Dance Opera Theatre’s upcoming production of The Barber of Seville, actor Igor Vieira, yelled out, “Fun!” without skipping a beat. The rest of his cast mates chuckled in agreement, while simultaneously tossing out words like, “action” “comedy” and “chaos” to describe the performance.

The show, which is set to run from July 29 to 31, will be held at Featherstone Center for the Arts. The actors — Donavon Dietz, Spencer Hamlin, Erika Person, Justin Ryan, Stefan Szkafarowsky, Michelle Trovato and Igor Vieira — have been rehearsing tirelessly as an ensemble in preparation for the show.

“I want the audiences’ faces to hurt from laughing and smiling,” said Erika Person, who is playing Berta.

While some opera novices may be apprehensive, the cast of Seville unanimously agrees that the opera is comprehensible for everyone.

“Opera is shockingly accessible,” said Michelle Trovato, who is playing Rosina. “People very frequently say, ‘I have no idea what the exact words were because you were singing them in a foreign language, but I got this feeling from what you were singing. I could understand what it was about and it moved me.’”

To make it even easier for audiences to understand and appreciate the show, the directors have shortened the duration from its usual two and a half hour run to 90 minutes. Donavon Dietz will serve as the narrator, effectively moving the story along in English as opposed to the shows’ traditional sung-as-spoken dialogue in Italian.

The cast also credit director Wendy Taucher’s choreography in bringing the meaning of the show to life.

“Wendy works very hard to create interesting structures on stage using the bodies of the actors,” said Ms. Person.

The July 29 performance of The Barber of Seville is a gala that includes an award ceremony and post-performance dinner with the cast beginning at 6 p.m. at Featherstone Center for the Arts. Performances on July 30 and 31 begin at 7 p.m.

For more information and to purchase tickets visit, wendytaucherdanceoperatheater.com.