Two 16-year-old Islanders who are lifeguards made a quick rescue off Pay Beach early Wednesday after two fishermen capsized a small boat about 100 yards offshore.

Genny and Tiki, both 16, are incoming juniors at the Martha's Vineyard Regional High School. — Mark Lovewell

Lifeguards Tiki Greene and Genny Kent were alerted to the men in trouble just after 8:20 a.m. when cries for help were heard from the beach.

Eyewitnesses at the scene said the men had rushed to the side of a small fishing boat after they hooked a fish. The weight was too much and the boat, which was at anchor, flipped in choppy water.

While people on the beach telephoned for help, Genny took the lifeguard kayak out into the water. Tiki stayed behind, watching through binoculars.

Genny approached the two men, whom she estimated to be in their 30s or 40s and were not identified. One of the men could not swim and was lying atop the capsized boat, she told the Gazette after the incident. Genny helped him into her kayak.

“He had a heart condition and his inhaler was in the water,” she said.

Meanwhile, Tiki paddled out to the boat on the lifeguard paddle board and assisted the better swimmer, helping him onto her board.

Genny brought the kayak into shore, where Oak Bluffs EMS assisted the fisherman with a heart condition. Tiki stayed in the water with the other fisherman, who did not want to leave his boat.

Fire rescue boat 567 arrived on the scene and the other man was brought aboard. Tiki paddled safely back to shore.

Fishermen's boat flipped about 100 yards offshore. — Mark Lovewell

There were no serious injuries, Oak Bluffs fire chief John Rose said. He estimated the rescue took about 10 minutes.

“The lifeguards did an excellent job and it was a great team effort by both parties,” Chief Rose said.

Genny and Tiki, both incoming juniors at the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School, trained at the YMCA to become lifeguards this year.

As an Island kid, being a lifeguard made sense to Genny.

“Growing up on the Island you’re always surrounded by water,” she said.

Though this was their first rescue, both girls said they kept their focus on helping the men during the incident.

“It felt good to be here and do what we are supposed to do,” Tiki said.