Evolve Pilates recently underwent an expansion, debuting two new fitness rooms, one of which houses a drum set. No, the studio is not branching out into the music business. The drum is an essential component to a new exercise regimen call POUND, which combines cardio, strength training, pilates and drumming. According to Laura Alexander, the owner of the studio, the movements involved are compatible with pilates.

Getting strong now, won't be long now. — Jeanna Shepard

“A lot of what you’re doing is in a crouched position and you have to stay engaged,” Ms. Alexander said.

The studio’s expansion began in January and was completed in July.

“The idea was that people could float back and forth between classes,” Ms. Alexander said. “They would take what they learn from pilates and apply it to other classes.”

Griffin Hughes, the TRX instructor at Evolve, decided to get certified in POUND because no one else on the Island was teaching it.

Though the new room upstairs is equipped with drum sets, weights, mats and a full barre, it is not yet finished with its upgrade. Evolve plans to build a suspension “bridge” across the center of the high ceiling and move its TRX classes in from the pilates room.

Six years ago, Ms. Alexander received her certification from Stefan Knight at Vineyard Pilates. She then spent time in Boulder, Colo. at the Pilates Center and came home to find that the building in Edgartown that once housed The Bone Yard was for sale. With the encouragement of her husband, she bought it and opened a pilates studio. It was the only one in Edgartown.

Studio recently expanded. — Jeanna Shepard

She credits her husband, Alex, with the design of the building’s addition. He worked with the builder Luc Desquenne of Independent Frame Corp. to plan the new rooms.

“He’s got a good eye,” she said. “Let’s just put it that way.”

The cycle room, located just downstairs from the barre room, houses 22 brand new Schwinn performance bikes. Small weights wait in the corner of the room for power rides and giant speakers, and LED lights suggest upbeat workouts indicative of a nightclub vibe.

Ms. Alexander adjusted the LED lights and the room darkened, demonstrating how the lighting completely changes the atmosphere of a workout.

“Riders just feel less inhibited,” she said. “They get in the zone and don’t have to worry about the person on the bike next to them. It’s very much a release for people.”

Visit evolveonthevineyard.com for a complete class schedule and more information.