A dramatic final day of the Martha’s Vineyard Bass and Bluefish Derby saw two changes on the grand leader board.

With less than two hours left in the tournament, 14-year-old Dylan Kadison weighed an 11.77-pound false albacore to take over the top spot in the boat albacore division.

Zak Potter, — Mark Lovewell

On Saturday morning, Kevin O’Farrell brought in a 36.53-pound striped bass, which held up throughout the day to be the best striper caught from shore.

Following weeks of grousing over slow fishing, and sparse activity at derby headquarters, anglers had few complaints in the final few days of the event.

A steady stream of competitors walked up the ramp at the derby weigh station in Edgartown Saturday night, weighing fish as the minutes ticked toward the 10 p.m. closing bell.

There was also high drama in the junior categories, with several leaders displaced in the final hours of the derby.

Volkert Kleeman took over the top spot in the junior boat bonito category with a 7.54-pound fish. But just six minutes later, Zak Potter bumped him off the leader board with an 8.17-pound bonito.

Derby headquarters is bustling for countdown to final bell. — Mark Lovewell

“A lot of kids have been bringing in some great fish,” said derby president John Custer. “It’s been a very busy last night.”

At the awards ceremony Sunday, Mr. Kadison and Mr. O’Farrell will share the stage with six other grand leaders.

Ed Amaral’s 17.83-pound bluefish held up through most of the tournament as the biggest blue caught from a boat.

Evan Hammond topped the shore bluefish category with a 15.11-pound fish.

On Thursday, Michael Capen recorded the biggest striper caught from a boat, weighing in at 39.69-pounds.

Zak Potter rings closing bell. Next up, awards ceremony. — Mark Lovewell

Tommy Reynolds took the boat bonito category with a 9.78-pound fish.

Michael Ludwig topped the shore bonito competition with the one and only bonito caught from shore in the entire tournament, a 5.66-pound fish. He caught it on day three of the derby, and it held up until the final bell.

Donald O’Shaughnessey Jr. caught the biggest false albacore from shore, 10.79-pounds.

A record number of fishermen registered for the 2016 derby.

One of the eight grand leaders will drive home with a new Chevrolet pickup truck from Clay Family Dealerships, and another will haul home a new Eastern Boats fishing boat.

The awards ceremony begins at 1 p.m. Sunday, at the Farm Neck Golf Club. The doors are open at noon and admission is free.