Tisbury selectmen have officially adopted a moratorium on new non-traditional floating vessels and approved increased mooring fees in town waters.

Discussions about the moratorium were held in June, but the vote was delayed until this week due to a glitch in filing the annual town meeting results with the attorney general.

The 18-month moratorium will allow the planning board to draft regulations surrounding non-water dependent vessels in the harbor, like houseboats and floating workshops. Existing non-traditional vessels moored in the harbor will not be affected.

Tisbury voters gave the town power to establish rules and regulations at town meeting last spring. Before that, no board appeared to have oversight over permitting for unusual vessels on the harbor.

In other waterfront business, town mooring fees were increased by 10 per cent for next year. This was the final year of a five year plan to increase mooring fees by a total of 25 per cent.