While the country looks toward a possible long night waiting for election results, the polls have already closed at the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School, where students took part today in a mock election. And the results are in. Perhaps the least surprising outcome is the landslide decision on Question 4 concerning the legalization of pot. The students voted a resounding yes for the legalization of marijuana.

On national matters, 64.5 per cent of the students chose the ticket of Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine. The Trump/Pence ticket barely edged out the category of Other, with Trump receiving 15.9 per cent of the vote, and Other receiving 10.8 per cent. Libertarian and Green Party candidates barely registered their respective colors in the pie chart.

In state races, the student body chose Democrat Julian Cyr (72.3 per cent) for state senate over Republican Anthony Schiavi (24.5 per cent), and Democrat Dylan Fernandes (43.1 per cent) for state representative over independent Tobias Glidden (35 per cent).

Robert Ogden was the choice for sheriff and Paulo C. DeOliveira for register of deeds, both by wide margins.

Even closer to home, and perhaps telling of the leanings of public school students, Question 2 to expand charter schools in the state was voted down. More kindness was shown to livestock as the students voted almost unanimously on Question 3 for pigs, calves and hens to have adequate living conditions, the size determined by at least enough square footage for the animals to lie down comfortably.

For a complete list of the students’ non-binding voting results visit the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School website.