Christopher Abbott and Diane Abbott purchased 3 Little Oak Lane in Chilmark from Martha’s Vineyard Savings Bank, personal representative of the estate of John Wehncke, and trustee of the Jane B. Wehncke 1995 Trust, for $759,000 on Jan. 11.


Laudiceia Silva and Alex D. DaSilva purchased 524 Edgartown-Vineyard Haven Road in Edgartown from Lisa Kusinitz, successor trustee of the Stewart R. Kusinitz Trust, for $565,000 on Jan. 9.

Curtis Chandler and Abigail Chandler purchased 24 Jason Drive in Edgartown from Joseph D. Spagnuolo and Cheryl A. Herrick for $348,000 on Jan. 11.

Luciana Stantial purchased 22 Meetinghouse Village Way, Unit 22 in Edgartown from Michael R. Dunn and Jacqueline A. Dunn for $579,500 on Jan. 12.


Dale C. Lynch and Jennifer G. Lynch purchased 19 Bayview Drive in Gosnold from Donald L. Hurwitz and Rita F. Hurwitz for $700,000 on Jan. 10.

Oak Bluffs

April L. White purchased 10 Meshaket Way in Oak Bluffs from Helen C. Fischbeck for $697,500 on Jan. 9.

Ana Cristina Sampaio purchased 8 Fairway Drive in Oak Bluffs from Christopher Abbot and Diane Abbot for $650,000 on Jan. 10.

Wee Packem In LLC purchased 41 Narragansett avenue in Oak Bluffs from Lynne A. Charron, trustee of Narragansett Realty Trust, for $480,000 on Jan. 11.

Isaiah Robinson and Heather Robinson purchased 205 Sea View avenue, Unit No. 205, from Cecilia M. Thompson for $555,000 on Jan. 11.

Lee Balter purchased 30 Namas avenue in Oak Bluffs from 30 Namas Avenue LLC for $1,350,000 on Jan. 12.

Amy McManus, Andrew N. Odewahn, and Stacy McManus purchased 39 Pequot avenue in Oak Bluffs from Jean Z. Correira and Mary E. Sadeh for $866,800 on Jan. 13.