The minstrels are coming, the minstrels are coming, so get ready to rock Renaissance style when We Minstrels 3 plays the First Congregational Church of West Tisbury on Jan. 29 at 3 p.m.

We Minstrels 3 is made up of Ed Merck, Niki Patton, Eric Johnson and Lisa Esperson — which seems like four minstrels, but counting is not the issue. Musicality is what’s important and the group is stacked.

Mr. Merck is a historical wind instrument player, Mr. Johnson a star of the classical guitar, Ms. Patton a writer, performer, singer and guitarist and Ms. Esperson has been teaching and playing traditional world percussion since 1995.

The group will entertain with the music and poetry of the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque journeying from 12th century troubadours to 18th century chamber music. Themes include war and peace, romantic and divine love and the human condition.

The suggested donation is $15 of which 100 per cent will benefit the West Tisbury Congregational Church.