S. Fain Hackney, trustee of Aquinnah Lot 513 Realty Trust, purchased property off Moshup Trail in Aquinnah from Vicki Broscheit, trustee of Blue Stem Realty Trust, for $75,000 on Feb. 1.

Mark N. Fortier and Rena Chase Fortier purchased 3 Sunset Way, Lot 3B in Aquinnah from Charles C. Hajjar, trustee of Sunset Way Realty Trust, for $2,475,000 on Feb. 1.


Stephen A. Bernier and Constance L. Messmer purchased 211 and 211B Middle Road in Chilmark from Anne Rudner for $1,112,500 on Jan. 30.

Clark M. Goff and Pamela S. Goff, trustees of Tea Lane Realty Nominee Trust, purchased 0 Marion’s Way in Chilmark from Clark M. Goff, Ingrid Goff Maidoff, and Heather B. Goff for $450,000 on Feb. 2.


Todd D. Goodell purchased 36 Forest avenue and 81 East Cape Poge avenue in Edgartown from Luke G. Meekins and Nancy E. Meekins for $189,900 on Jan. 31.

David L. Pallett, trustee of the David L. Pallett Qualified Personal Resident Trust B, and Mildred A. Pallett, trustee of the Mildred A. Pallett Qualified Personal Resident Trust B, purchased 77 Cooke street in Edgartown from Thaxter House LLC for $2,300,000 on Jan. 31.

Timothy McHugh purchased an undivided 50 per cent interest in 284 Upper Main street in Edgartown from Nils G. Leaf for $150,000 on Feb. 2.

Annata LLC purchased 29 Winter street, Unit 24 in Edgartown from Sari Lipkin for $250,000 on Feb. 2.

Oak Bluffs

Joseph L. Woodin purchased 63 Webster avenue in Oak Bluffs from Eric S. Strauss, Deborah Kay Strauss, Robert M. Strauss, and Russell L. Strauss for $1,175,000 on Jan. 30.

Cheyenne D. Fulmore and Cheryl H. Dix purchased 60 Towanticut avenue in Oak Bluffs from Edward L. Francis Jr. and Deborah A. Francis for $508,000 on Jan. 31.

Howard E. Davis and Cove J. Davis purchased 59 Linton avenue in Oak Bluffs from Heritage Group Builders LLC for $779,000 on Jan. 31.

Vineyard Haven

Emma N. Young purchased 0 Shubael Weeks Path in Vineyard Haven from Alberta S. Scaldeferri and Alberta Simpson for $290,000 on Jan. 31.

Mule Capital LLC purchased 101 Midland avenue in Vineyard Haven from Equity Trust Co., successor in interest to Sterling Trust Co. for the benefit of Helen Stephenson and Helen Stephenson individually for $450,000 on Feb. 2.

John Oliver and Melanie Oliver purchased 2 Bumpy Road in Vineyard Haven from Patricia F. King for $410,000 on Feb. 2.

West Tisbury

Old Orchard 22 LLC took over proprietary lease for lots 7, Seven Gates Farm in West Tisbury from Elizabeth Micheels and Ronald Micheels for $1,700,000 on Jan. 27.

Alec Gale and Elizabeth Gale purchased 29 Nip & Tuck Lane in West Tisbury from Todd Goodell for $600,000 on Jan. 31.

Kevin N. Mabie purchased 50 Pine Lane in West Tisbury from Judith A. Fisher for $727,500 on Feb. 1.