The Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank has announced two new acquisitions in Vineyard Haven for a combined purchase price of $1.1 million.

Properties include land that abuts the old Sailor's Burying Ground

The first purchase is a two-acre parcel abutting and immediately behind the 130-year-old Sailor’s Burying Ground off Bridle Path Road. The Land Bank already owns the burial ground in partnership with the Martha’s Vineyard Museum. It is the final resting place of many merchant seamen who died while passing near or through Island ports, or while admitted to the now defunct Martha’s Vineyard Marine Hospital.

“It’s a very lonesome sort of bleak place,” said Land Bank executive director James Lengyel. “We were concerned that if it was ever developed, the houses would be right over the cemetery and would detract from it. Now there will never by houses looming over the graveyard.”

The Land Bank intends to clear invasive vines and trees from parcel, leaving a grassy glade. The land was purchased for $382,000 from Christopher Dias.

Final resting place of many merchant seamen who died while passing near or through Island ports. — Mark Lovewell

The second parcel stretches from Edgartown Vineyard Haven Road to Lagoon Pond, roughly opposite the Martha’s Vineyard Family Campground. The land leads from the main road, by way of a steep and somewhat treacherous ravine, to a sandy beach on the Lagoon.

“The Land Bank is always interested in beaches, and it’s always interested in unusual land,” Mr. Lengyel said.

Preliminary plans call for construction of stairs leading to the beach.

“People will enjoy the beach, but they’re also going to enjoy the ravine,” he said.

Purchase price for the six-acre parcel was $760,000. It was owned by Malcolm and Roseann Watson.