Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank Commission purchased property on rear Moshup Trail from Jan W. Whiting for $250,000 on April 13.


Kevin M. Whelan and Jennifer A. Whelan purchased 58 Prices Way in Edgartown from Lisa J. Lawson-Young and Lisa J. Lawson for $1,510,000 on April 10.

Christopher Buchholz and Carolyn Buchholz purchased 75 Anthiers Way in Edgartown from Debra J. Manley-Smith for $600,000 on April 11.

Rebecca Lee Brown and Melanie L. Brown purchased 20 Holly Bear Lane in Edgartown from Susan E. Barnette for $560,000 on April 11.

Robert G. Minicus Jr. and Bridgette Minicus purchased 85 Edgartown Bay Road in Edgartown from Hunter W. Corbin and Bernard Schulman, trustees of the Campbell C. Groel Jr. Marital Trust, for $4,500,000 on April 13.

Neil K. McCafferty and Carolyn M. Natale purchased 33 Flamingo Drive in Edgartown from J. Scott Gannon and Paula A. Gannon for $780,000 on April 14.

Oak Bluffs

Alice N. Jamison purchased 21 Kennebec condominium, unit 3 from Susan M. McSweeney for $485,000 on April 10.

Breezeway LLC purchased 16 Tiffany Drive in Oak Bluffs from Joan F. Rice for $895,000 on April 14.

Delos W. Lander Jr. and Leslie D. Pearlson purchased 217 Barnes Road in Oak Bluffs from Brian Alden for $1,375,000 on April 14.

Pond House Realty Partners purchased property in Oak Bluffs from Margaret Sharpe Stevens Clark for $440,000 on April 14.

Vineyard Haven

Robert C. Craft and Paula E. Craft purchased 109 William street in Vineyard Haven from Howard M. Miller, trustee of William Norton Road Nominee Trust, for $1,800,000 on April 14.

Long Trail Properties LLC purchased 10 State Road, Unit 1 in Vineyard Haven from Katherine R. Kinsman Grillo, trustee of Delano Realty Trust, for $200,000 on April 14.