The Edgartown school has announced its third quarter honor roll for the 2016-2017 school year.

Eighth grade high honors: Madeline Chronister, Ethan Creato, Matthew D’Andrea, Ellie Dolby, and Brant Maynard.

Eighth grade honors: Emily Anderson, Parker BenDavid, Michaela Benefit, Tristan Blair, Dylan Burke, Colleen Carroll, Kylie Estrella, Eli Gundersen, Desiree London, Larissa Oliveira, Danielle Oteri, Avery Simmons, Emanuelly Simoes, Meg Sykes, and Zachary Ward.

Seventh grade high honors: Ashley Brasefield, Edward Cherry, Sara Creato, Henry D’Andrea, and Tess Hammond.

Seventh grade honors: Ben Belisle, Hugo Burrows, Quin Cabral, Bethany Cardoza, Kenny Cook, Oliver Lively, Isabelle Murphy, Jenife Santos, and Max Vaughn.

Sixth grade high honors: Samantha Folts, Julia Murray, Daniel Serpa, Micah Simmons, Alex Walsh, and Jack Walsh.

Sixth grade honors: Paige Anderson, Clara Cabral, Aiyana Correia, Jonathan DeOliveria, Ingrid Gundersen, Caroline Kelleher, Maggie Moffet, Maria Sanchez-Roa, Joshua Smith, and Hanna Tate-Arena.