James Feiner purchased 834 State Road in Aquinnah from Marilyn G. Maynard for $485,000 on May 12.


Persephones Island LLC purchased 13 Cemetery Road in Chilmark from David M. Rabban, trustee of Rabban Family Nominee Trust, for $1,657,000 on May 12.

Brentford Ferreira and Claire E. Ferreira purchased 214 North Road in Chilmark from Frank L. LoRusso and Judith J. LoRusso for $815,000 on May 12.


TN Farm LLC purchased 10 Tom’s Neck Farm Way in Edgartown from Ann B. Floyd for $535,000 on May 10.

Igor Pruciano and Carolinne Pruciano purchased a portion of land on Anthiers Way in Edgartown from Robert C. Delisle and Linda A. Delisle for $40,000 on May 11.

Barry D. Blake and Lisa M. Blake purchased 54 Fuller street in Edgartown from Charles C. Hajjar and Sunset Group LLC for $3,950,000 on May 11.

Jeffrey P. Resnik and Margaret P. MacClarence, trustees of MPM Exempt Discretionary Trust, purchased 76 Plantingfield Way in Edgartown from William R. MacClarence, trustee of the William R. MacClarence Revocable Trust Agreement, and William R. MacClarence, James E. Willis and John W. Meyer, each a trustee of the Patricia A. MacClarence Revocable Trust Agreement, for $1,850,000 on May 12.

Douglas D. Furbush 3rd and Roseann V. Furbush purchased 5 Treetop Road in Edgartown from Kenneth Schoenberg and Kathleen Schoenberg for $1,075,000 on May 12.

Edward Sinclair, trustee of Edward Sinclair Trust-2017 purchased 7 Vincent Way in Edgartown from A. Alexander Weiner and Nancy Alexander for $1,310,000 on May 12.

Bryan Begley and Meris Keating purchased 175 Great Plains Road in Edgartown from Martina A. Fortunato and Donald J. Fortunato for $600,000 on May 12.

Oak Bluffs

Alison M. Curtin purchased 82 Old Coach Road in Oak Bluffs from April S. Knight, Brad Purcell, and Kathryn A. Purcell for $770,000 on May 8.

Vineyard Haven

Robert Lonadier and Wendy Lonadier purchased 222 Sandpiper Lane, unit 12 in Vineyard Haven from Marc Leib for $719,000 on May 12.

West Tisbury

David W. Rintels and Victoria Riskin Rintels, trustees of Riskin Rintels Trust, purchased 657 Scrubby Neck Road and Lot 1, Jones Cove in West Tisbury from Peter De Roetth for $3,600,000 on May 10.

Melissa H. Smith purchased 41 Stoney Hill Road in West Tisbury from Mona Jill Rosenthal for $750,000 on May 11.