Andrew Stevenson and Julia Kampelman Stevenson purchased a 30 per cent undivided interest in 4 Moshup Trail in Aquinnah from Kathleen Stevenson for $582,112.50 on May 15.


Zoe Pechter Thompson and Simon Thompson purchased property on Bartlett Woods in Chilmark from Frederick N. Khedouri for $62,500 on May 15.


Marilyn H. Vukota, trustee of the Magnerick Realty Trust, purchased 5 Baylies Way in Edgartown from Eric L. Peters, trustee of the Dayton Nominee Trust and Owen Norton, LLC for $290,000 on May 15.

Caroline R. Flanders, trustee of 8 Milikin Way Nominee Trust, purchased 8 Milikin Way in Edgartown from Michael D. Bernstein and Sara R. Bernstein for $1,250,000 on May 17.

Salvatore Giordano Jr. and Anne C. Giordano, trustees of the Salvatore Giordano Jr. Revocable Trust Agreement and Anne C. Giordano Revocable Trust Agreement, purchased 1 Pierce Lane in Edgartown from Victor B. Baga and Margaret F. Baga, trustees of Baga Family Realty Trust, for $3,175,000 on May 17.

Tighe Mathieu and Lorie Mathieu purchased 2 Katama Drive in Edgartown from Walter Charles Lison for $985,500 on May 17.

Norman Sylvester Stickney 3rd purchased 58 Nineteenth street south in Edgartown from Bruce E. Fresher for $14,000 on May 19.

Oak Bluffs

Bonnie J. Stacy purchased 101 Carol Lane in Oak Bluffs from Melissa Kerrigan, trustee of Erin E. Pasquale 2017 Revocable Trust, for $394,000 on May 16. Malcolm G. Watson Jr. and Roseann Watson purchased 33 Grace street in Oak Bluffs from Peter C. MacLean and Elizabeth Jones MacLean for $625,000 on May 17.

West Tisbury

Stone Bridge LLC purchased 74 Stone Bridge Road in West Tisbury from Sarah K. Wood for $735,000 on May 19.