A historic pagoda tree will soon find a new home on South Summer street in Edgartown.

Selectmen Monday agreed to a request from Courtney Brady to remove a shade tree at her home at 40 South Summer street. The 35-foot high sycamore maple is in fair condition but has weakened branches, according to town tree warden Stuart Fuller.

Ms. Brady and her son Tom Dunlop proposed replacing the sycamore maple with a pagoda tree that is outgrowing its current location on their property. The tree is a third-generation descendent of the historic pagoda tree on South Water street, which was brought to the Vineyard as a seedling in a flowerpot by a sea captain more than 175 years ago.

The homeowners are also offering to place a descriptive plaque at the base of the tree. Mr. Dunlop said the tree would be given plenty of room to grow.

Mr. Fuller said the relocation was part of an “innovative and clever” approach.

“I would take a pagoda tree with papers over a sycamore maple any day,” said selectman Michael Donaroma, who is also a longtime landscaper. “It’s a great idea.”

In other business, selectmen sent a letter to Backyard Taco, which was recently closed in violation of an all-alcohol license that requires business to be open a minimum of three days a week.

Mr. Donaroma said that the town has received permits to put sand at Collins Beach. “And make it a beach again, so it doesn’t give the appearance of a parking lot,” he said.