Pepperbush Holdings LLC purchased 2 Pepperbush Lane in Chilmark from Vincent A. Chippari and Deneen McQueen-Chippari for $1,150,000 on May 31.

Nicholas Stevens and Shelly Stevens, trustees of the Nick and Shelly Stevens Family Trust, purchased 0 Wequobsque Road in Chilmark from Nancy B. Farrelly and Robert T. Farrelly, trustees of the Farrelly Revocable Trust, formerly known as the Nancy B. Farrelly Revocable Trust, for $2,200,000 on June 1.

David Ginsberg purchased 28 Loon Lane in Chilmark from Donald W. Dick Jr. and Trudy P. Dick for $3,275,000 on June 2.


Marina A. Klusas and Matthew B. Klusas, trustees of the Marina A. Klusas Revocable Trust and the Matthew B. Klusas Revocable Trust, purchased 6 Meshacket Road in Edgartown from Valimpus LLC for $859,000 on May 31.

Ryan C. Hunt and Kara Hunt purchased 24 Green Pastures Road in Edgartown from Edwin S. Seabury, personal representative under the will of Frances Nichols Seabury, also known as Frances N. Seabury, for $1,100,000 on May 31.

Stephanie McClung purchased Unit 12, Edgartown Common Condominium, 30 Pease’s Point Way and Mill Street, from Stephen J. Pitura and Kathy M. Pitura for $220,000 on June 2.

Eleanor Putnam-Farr and Brendan Nelson purchased 22 Hannah’s Way in Edgartown from Kimon M. Violaris and Mary T. Violaris for $780,000 on June 2.

Oak Bluffs

Colin D. Whyte, trustee of Fairway Nominee Trust, purchased 5 Fairway Drive in Oak Bluffs from Shantel McKay, Shandora Browning, Sabrina Timmons, individually and as representatives for estate of Sharon M. Williams, for $330,000 on May 31.

Marc N. Hanover and Toni W. Hanover purchased 6 East Meadow Lane in Oak Bluffs from William C. Irwin for $342,000 on May 31.

Kimberly Mackay and Craig Mackay purchased 6 Oakwood Lane in Oak Bluffs from Glenn F. Scotland and Diane F. Scotland for $730,000 on June 1.

Vineyard Haven

Cees Van Eijk and William Westman and Wendy Westman purchased 21 Causeway Road in Vineyard Haven from Roberta Lee Scott purchased $225,000 on May 30.

Ryan Schwab-Doyon and Amanda Schwab-Doyon purchased 89 Lantern Lane in Vineyard Haven from Audrey J. Harding for $480,000 on May 31.

Keith J. Burr and Monique E. Burr purchased 11 Pine Tree Lane in Vineyard Haven from David A. Attisani and Andrea C. Attisani for $834,500 on June 1.

West Tisbury

Richard Rowe and Jude Rowe, trustees of Rowe 2016 Revocable Trust, purchased property on Flint Hill Road in West Tisbury from Cynthia L. Cornwell for $725,000 on June 1.

Ernest L. Sarason Jr., trustee of the Ernest L. Sarason Jr. 2013 Revocable Trust, and Carol Sarason, trustee of the Carol Sarason 2013 Revocable Trust, purchased 719 Old County Road in West Tisbury from Peter H. Rodegast and Eric Rodegast, personal representatives of the estate of Eleanore Jane Rodegast, also known as Eleanor J. Rodegast, also known as Eleanore Rodegast, for $715,000 on June 1.