On a recent Saturday, singer-songwriter Livingston Taylor was stuck in an airport in San Francisco. His flight to Hawaii, where he would perform on tour for his new album Safe Home, was delayed. But Mr. Taylor was not discouraged.

“I hear kids playing and somebody making a latte at Peet’s Coffee,” he said by phone from the terminal. “There’s a symphony of sounds coming through on the whine of a jet engine or the groans of people being told their planes are delayed. The great stuff demands your attention when you’re doing something else.”

Mr. Taylor has made a career out of paying attention, both on stage and off. On Saturday, July 1, he will return to the Vineyard for his annual concert at the Old Whaling Church. Mr. Taylor, 66, first came to the Island with his family in 1954 when he was three years old. Since then he has spent a part of every summer on the Island and considers it his home. His shows here are treat for him, something he looks forward to.

“They are one of my most anticipated events of the year,” he said.

His new album is aptly titled Safe Home and was released in March.

Mr. Taylor spends about half the year touring around the world and the other half as a professor at Berklee College of Music in Boston. The musician said he enjoys this variety in his life. “One work all the time makes Livy a dull boy,” he said.

Mr. Taylor will be joined on stage by his nephew Isaac Taylor. Matt Cusson, a former student at Berklee, will perform too.

This performance will mark Mr. Taylor’s 49th year playing on the Vineyard. The annual show has served as a check-in of sorts for him. “With each passing year, it’s more about the music and the song and less about me,” he said.

The evening at the Old Whaling Church will consist of new songs as well as plenty of older ones. Through the years, Mr. Taylor has been able to witness his Island audience grow right along with him.

“I think they feel that the music and the stories are carriers for our relationship together,” he said. “Like when you go out to dinner with two good friends. The real joy is being in their presence.”

The show, like the meal, is an excuse to get together, he explained. “They’re good excuses, but excuses nonetheless. At the core is the relationship.”

The relationship between Mr. Taylor and his Island fans has remained steadfast for almost five decades.

“Nothing is more fun for me than coming back for my yearly return to the Whaling Church,” he said. “It’s an absolute honor.”

Tickets for the show cost $35 and can be purchased at brownpapertickets.com. Doors open at 7 p.m. and the music begins at 7:30 p.m.