Virginia Susan Villani and Davis H. Shingleton purchased 6 Pamela Way in Edgartown from Amy Schuster and Rollin Schuster for $900,000 on June 19.

Claire H. Thacher, trustee of Claire H. Thacher 2013 Trust, purchased lot 2 off Chappaquiddick Road in Edgartown from Louis E. Stephens Jr. for $72,500 on June 20.

Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank Commission purchased lot 1 off Amber’s Way in Edgartown from Louis Stephens, also known as Louis E. Stephens Jr., and Karen Stephens for $312,500 on June 20.

Patrick Ahearn, trustee of 29 Pine Street Nominee Trust, purchased 29 Pine Street in Edgartown from Anthony R. Zappacosta and Debra Kay Zappacosta for $975,000 on June 23.

20 West Street LLC purchased 20 West Street in Edgartown from Peter C. Conover, Trinette Conover, and Craig M. Conover for $800,000 on June 23.

Robert F. Rubin and Nancy R. Neis purchased 493 Katama Road, Unit E-1 in Edgartown from Michael Bernstein and Sara Bernstein for $840,000 on June 23.

Oak Bluffs

David Zeiler and Julie Zeiler purchased 34 Narragansett avenue in Oak Bluffs from James J. Pardini and Nancy A. Pardini for $670,000 on June 19.

Trevor Casey and Julie Ann Casey purchased 98 Pennsylvania avenue in Oak Bluffs from Lisa Kusinitz, trustee of Stewart R. Kusinitz Trust, for $350,000 on June 23.

Vineyard Haven

Denway LLC purchased 107 Franklin street in Vineyard Haven from John B. Willcox and Mary Lee Willcox for $1,015,000 on June 21.

Michael J. Killoran Sr. and Pamela J. Killoran purchased 320 Daggett avenue in Vineyard Haven from Christopher M. Roberts, trustee of Lash Roberts Family Trust, for $619,500 on June 23.

Anna Edey purchased 100 Skiff avenue in Vineyard Haven from Elizabeth Lee Fierro for $600,000 on June 23.

West Tisbury

Eleanor M. Hebert purchased 19 Trotters Lane in West Tisbury from Robert C. Keenan and Gail M. Keenan for $285,000 on June 20.

Elissa Lash and Christopher Roberts purchased 145 Otis Bassett Road in West Tisbury from Amy Rugel and Peter E. Norris for $659,000 on June 23.