Howard E. Goldstein and Neva Goldstein purchased 3 Sand Castle Lane in Aquinnah from Faith A. Corbo for $2,175,000 on June 29.


Jeffrey D. McDonald and Dona R. Flamme purchased 8 Old Farm Road in Chilmark from Douglas Verney, also known as Douglas V. Verney, and Francine Frankel Verney for $975,000 on June 28.


William Ogden and Linda Ogden purchased 8 Armstrong Lane in Edgartown from Tanya Lapinski for $4,500,000 on June 26.

Meeting House Way LLC purchased 139 Meeting House Way in Edgartown from Jan W. Whiting for $6,600,000 on June 28.

James F. Reynolds, trustee of Catalina Island Nominee Trust, purchased 10, 18, and 24 Ocean View avenue in Edgartown from MV Ocean LLC for $20,500,000 on June 30.

LTA LLC purchased 23 Herring Creek Road in Edgartown from Geoghan E. Coogan, trustee of SMS Realty Trust, for $2,125,000 on June 30.

Oak Bluffs

Robert Tabares and Meghan Montesion purchased 107 Pennsylvania avenue in Oak Bluffs from Agnes A. Louard for $539,000 on June 28.

Charles P. Linehan and Molly P. Linehan purchased 308 Seaview avenue in Oak Bluffs from Leonard W. Tennenhouse and Nancy Armstrong for $1,900,000 on June 28.

Carlos Deoliveira and Fabricia Deoliveira purchased 82 Grovedale Road in Oak Bluffs from Ian MacLachlan for $575,000 on June 30.

Vineyard Haven

Harold B. Lawry 3rd and Amy Lawry purchased 2 William street in Vineyard Haven from Amy A. Lawry and Douglas M. Asselin for $400,000 on June 26.

Nicholas Koines purchased 55 Hinckley Circle in Vineyard Haven from Kristy A. Erickson and Dean E. Entwistle, individually and as personal representatives of the estate of Barbara A. Entwistle, for $450,000 on June 29.

Cosmin L. Creanga and Adriana Ghidu purchased 00 Briarwood Lane in Vineyard Haven from Michael P. Colasanto for $195,000 on June 29.

Flaviane N. Daniel purchased 63 Leonard Circle in Vineyard Haven from Luis A. Lopes for $360,000 on June 30.

Daniel Seidman and Bethany LH Seidman purchased 54 Look street in Vineyard Haven from Nancy J. Eilbert, trustee of Abrams Realty Trust, for $480,000 on June 30.

West Tisbury

Rosa Notaroberto purchased 232 Longview Road in West Tisbury from Mitchell A. Greess and Cynthia J. Berman for $710,000 on June 26.