The weekend weather was delightful and summerlike. The beaches have been packed each day, with the hot weather making this Island a true vacation paradise. Last Friday we received three inches of rain in less than five hours. We had uncharacteristic torrential downpours that caused minor flooding in some areas of town.

Jay and Celine Segel, of Pond Road, have been hosting her parents Jean-Louis and Eliane Gobard from Gond-Pontouvre, France. They have enjoyed eating at French restaurants, the beach, and touring the Island. Their next stop on their North American holiday is Quebec.

Find the time Saturday night or Sunday to stop and have a bite to eat at the Portuguese Holy Ghost Feast. The food is always terrific and there will be music, dancing, raffles, and games of chance. The annual event is held at the Portuguese-American Club on Vineyard avenue in Oak Bluffs. On Sunday morning at 11 a.m. the annual parade will take place from the Steamship Authority dock down Circuit Avenue and up to the Club and the feast will continue until 6 p.m.

The Hermine Merel Smith art gallery will not open this season for the first time in many years. Hermine is taking a year off from her gallery and asks that her customers and friends give her some space to relax and develop new ideas.

Denise Mount and her husband, Don Evon, of Canton, Conn. were guests this week of Anna Alley. They enjoyed the beach, kayaking, shopping and dining out. Denise and Anna celebrated their birthdays on Wednesday and we all went out to dinner at the Outermost Inn.

Jill Carlton and Pete Karman of Hartford, Conn. arrived at their house on State Road Saturday afternoon for the season.

Rosemarie Ovian and her family were at her Music street home last week. They enjoyed the beach, the parade, and a backyard cookout.

Over 50 people attended the dedication of a monument in Priscilla Hancock Memorial Park near the Mill Pond on Sunday. The weather was perfect and the ceremony included live music, poetry and speeches. David McCullough stopped by and offered a story about the pond. Peter and Beatrice Nessen hosted a garden party for more than 25 of the attendees after the conclusion of the dedication.

The Nessens, of Boston, had as their house guests Victoria Nessen and their grandchildren Anna and William Kohlasch of Lexington. They were all at the dedication ceremony.

The following is from special correspondent Hermine Hull: Sundy Smith and Jon Previant hosted their grandson, Owen Smith, and his friends, Tyler Johnson and Michael Wu over the Fourth of July holiday. They all rated the visit “a ten out of ten.” David Smith and his wife, Joan Apt, were visited by their son and daughter in law, Alex and Kelli Smith.

Lee Revere reports that the library book sale is just around the corner. The sale begins on Friday, July 28 at the school gym and runs until Monday, July 31. So mark those dates on your calendar today. For more information about donations or the sale contact the library at 508-693-3366.

Olivia Larsen, over at the library, reports that a full week of programs await you. This is just one item: Saturday at 4 p.m., Peter Simon will give a talk about his new book, Martha’s Vineyard: To Everything There Is a Season. Peter will share and discuss items that are included in the book.

In July of 1969 our town became the first on the Island to have radar and two police cruisers. Police chief George W. Manter reported that the radar unit had been in service for two weeks. The new cruiser did not replace the 1965 model already in use but was considerably more up to date and was most frequently used. The new vehicle was a Ford station wagon designed not to tip at high speed and was equipped with a two-way radio and stretcher. It cost was $4,200. The portable radar unit automatically records the speed of an oncoming car up to a mile away. The chief said radar is a good psychological tool that made motorists think twice before speeding through town. The cost of the radar unit was $895.

Happy birthday to: Tina Miller, John Walsh, and Sarah Aliberti Friday; Harriet Hickie, Tom Reynolds, Don Lyons, Mark Weiner and Jackie Clason Saturday; Margaret Logue, Karen English, Rosie Shugrue, Kate Scannell and Maria Camargo on Sunday; Cynthia Bloomquist, Eleanor Thayer, Linda Asbridge, Rebecca Hodgson, and Mary Giordano on Monday; Arnie Fischer, Sue Leland, David Fielder, Phoebe Hersh, and Susie Middleton on Tuesday; Benoit Baldwin, Susan Austin, and Linda Jones on Wednesday; and Erik Larsen, Laura Wainwright, Tim McKay and Pamela Danz on Thursday. Happy anniversary to Sig Van Raan and Susan Dickler on Sunday. Belated birthday greetings to Denise Mazzuchelli and Ava Plakins.

Well that is all of the social news for this week’s column. A bit of trivia that you can use at the next cocktail party: 80 years ago Thursday Krispy Kreme donuts opened a retail operation in North Carolina. If you have any news please call or e-mail me. Have a great week and see you at the feast.

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