After three months of legal battles, the owner of Airport Mobil said he will close the station and car wash at the end of the day Monday, July 17.

Michael Rotondo said he plans to tear down the buildings and dig up the fuel tanks, rather than sell them to the new leaseholder, following a lengthy dispute over the awarding of a new lease by the Martha’s Vineyard Airport Commission for the lot at the airport business park.

“Everything is coming down, “ Mr. Rotondo said. “They didn’t leave me much choice. That’s a wrap. It’s heartbreaking.”

The shuttering and demolition of the Mobil station leaves the Island short one gas station at the very peak of the summer season.

The airport commission held an open bidding process for the lease in March, but Mr. Rotondo’s bid was not the winner. Instead commissioners awarded a new 20-year lease to Louis Paciello, owner of Depot Corner Inc., which operates two fuel stations in Edgartown.

Mr. Rotondo unsuccessfully challenged the bid process in court, while continuing to operate the fuel station.

Under a recent eviction order issued by a Dukes County superior court judge, Mr. Rotondo has until July 31 to hand the lot back to the airport commission. The terms of his lease require him to remove all improvements, including the buildings, fuel pumps, and underground tanks.

Mr. Rotondo’s lease expired in March, but was extended to give him time to negotiate a sale price with Mr. Paciello for the buildings and equipment. They were unable to reach an agreement.

Mr. Rotono opened Airport Mobil in 1997. Speaking to the Gazette by phone on Thursday, he said Mr. Paciello’s offer of $250,000 for the buildings and equipment was an insult.

“In the interest of pride and 20 years of hard work, I’m not going to give it away,” Mr. Rotondo said.

Airport commission chairman Myron Garfinkle called the decision to decommission the station unfortunate.

“If Mr. Rotondo wants to tear down his buildings, that’s his decision,” Mr. Garfinkle said, adding: “It’s unfortunate that Rotondo has decided to stay on past his lease and create a situation where those of us who live here and those of us who vacation here are going to be inconvenienced at the height of the season by the loss of a gas station.

Mr. Garfinkle said the airport commission’s legal action against Mr. Rotondo continues, but he declined to elaborate.