Paintings and photographs on display at the Louisa Gould Gallery on Main street Vineyard Haven transported viewers to the poppy fields of St. Remy, the streets of Paris and the tables of Italy.

Saturday evening was the opening reception for European Escape, a two-week show featuring the work of six artists: Donna Blackburn, Nick Paciorek, Sean Farrell, Linda Besse, Christie Scheele and gallery owner Louisa Gould.

Art reception transported everyone across the pond. — Jeanna Shepard

Ms. Gould hosted a similar show in 2010 and decided to bring back the theme this year.

“A lot of people aren’t travelling to Europe this time of year,” she said.

While that may be true of some passport holders, the artists have been on the road across the pond. Ms. Gould’s photographs on display were taken on a trip from Menton, France to Barcelona, Spain.

Mr. Paciorek stood near his brightly colored paintings and revealed his penchant for stopping mid-stroll to sketch a corner of interest or a transaction at a flower stand. He shared his secret of keeping Bic ball point pens inside his shirt so the ink doesn’t freeze on a chilly day.

His paintings play with light and shadow in vibrant hues and striking brush strokes. They depict street scenes, bits of Lake Como or a carousel below the Eiffel Tower. He pointed to a bicycle leaning against a railing in one painting done in Rome and said that while standing on the corner, it had caught his eye while other details of the bustling street had not.

Artist and gallery owner Louisa Gould. — Jeanna Shepard

“What you don’t paint is just as important as what you do paint,” he said.

Mr. Paciorek plans to return to the south of France in August and Dublin in September, with his sketchbook and his pens tucked warmly in his shirts.

Donna Blackburn’s paintings of flower fields and buildings were created after two trips to France to follow in the footsteps of the Impressionists. She lamented not getting to Europe more often, but has a plan to return to Italy at the end of October.

“And of course bring my painting gear with me,” she said.

Sarah Girotti, a summer resident attending the show, said she just moved back to the United States from a two-year stint in Milan. Standing before Mr. Farrell’s still lifes, done in oil on panel, Ms. Girotti said she felt like she was transported back to Italy.

“Thank you,” she said to Ms. Gould. “You totally gave me a little piece of home.”