The weekend weather was great. The Saturday farmers markets have been fantastic and choked the town with lines of traffic.

Asa Ruel celebrated his third birthday last Sunday at his grandparents’ (Whiting) farm. His friends enjoyed a hay ride driven by the birthday boy himself, a huge tractor fan, and of course with the help of his grandfather Allen. Asa’s parents, Bea Whiting and Patrick Ruel, are also pleased to announce the recent birth of a baby girl, Lenora Bea, on June 20. Congratulations!

Anna Alley, of State Road, returned home Sunday after visiting the grandchildren and their parents in East Taunton.

John and Jacqueline Zeisel are at their home in Quansoo, looking forward to a major birthday celebration at the end of August. Friends and relatives are coming from the UK, Canada, California and even Australia to hang out at the beach, join in the barbecues and visit the sights on the Vineyard. Guests include artists, writers, young people and retirees. Many Vineyard friends are also joining in the celebrations, which will run from August 27 through the Labor Day weekend.

Their daughter Isabelle Skaburskis received her master’s from Cambridge University in the UK this year, and is now a qualified lawyer. She is working for a Supreme Court judge in Melbourne, Australia, and is planning a visit here to see the family in the fall. Their son Alexander Skaburskis and his wife Laura Hug had their first child in January. She is the Zeisels’ first grandchild. They will be bringing Samuel here in August for his first visit to the Vineyard.

Their son Evan has written, produced and acted in, with actor Miranda Noelle Wilson, a short film about Alzheimer’s disease called How You Are to Me, which is having success on the festival circuit. His previous feature film, The Eve, was filmed entirely on Martha’s Vineyard and can be viewed on Amazon, iTunes and Google Play. Also Miranda performs with the Tree House Shakers and produces theatre, giving women a voice through her company Clutch Productions.

Thanks for the round-up of family news. It was John’s birthday last Saturday and Jacqueline took him out to dinner on the special occasion.

Kim Bartlett of Burlington, Vt., an amateur geologist, has had a fun time exploring rock formations on the North Shore. She found remnants of netting that had been tarred and learned there were several fishermen’s summer shacks along the north shore and a boat landing in Lambert’s Cove.

The First Congregational Church’s annual blueberry festival will be Saturday from noon to 4 p.m. Enjoy blueberry treats at tables and chairs on the front lawn, blueberry peach cobbler, blueberry pomegranate smoothies, and blueberry sundaes. Blueberry iced tea and lemonade will also be served. Baked goods to go include blueberry peach cobbler, blueberry pies, and more. Flower bouquets freshly cut from local gardens will also be available.

This week’s history note is from July 20, 1926. Fred Vincent of New Lane suffered fractures and other injuries as the result of an accident he had with the car of Miss Letha Martin of Vineyard Haven Monday afternoon. Fred was riding home and Letha traveling in the opposite direction. They collided where the old dirt road intersects with the state highway. He was taken to the Marine Hospital by Frank Look, who happened on the scene shortly after the accident. His injuries were treated but he will be hospitalized for awhile. Fred has had a run of hard luck lately. His house burned to the ground last spring. While moving a building to the foundation of his old house and fitting it for a dwelling he strained his back and was obliged to seek medical treatment. It was while returning home from the doctor and the drug store that he met with the accident that further crippled him. It was thought that because he was suffering pain he did not notice the approaching car. Someone remarked that if it wasn’t for bad luck he would have no luck at all.

Happy birthday to: Laura Campbell, Karen Flynn, and Jean Caron Friday; Joan Jenkinson, Maureen Healy, Paul Mahoney, and Katie Hart Saturday; Dan Bradley, Jesse Child, Lucy Norris and Larkin McBride on Sunday; Mike Adell, Primo Lombardi, and Mike Hull on Monday; Hannah Elias, Bob Ogden, Spencer Thurlow, and Rebeka Shulman on Tuesday; Fran Bradley, Cynthia Mitchell and Charles Morgan on Wednesday; and Doug Reid, Mariko Kawaguchi, Max Decker and Nigel Smith on Thursday. Belated birthday wishes to John Zeisel.

Well that is all of the social news for this week’s column. If you have any news please call or e-mail me. Have a great week.