Elizabeth Lunbeck and Gary L. Gerstle purchased 80 State Road in Chilmark from John J. Atkins and Jamie N. Atkins for $920,000 on August 10.

Ariel R. Ashe, trustee of Sheep Crossing Nominee Trust, purchased 0 Sheep’s Crossing in Chilmark from Clarissa Allen and Mitchell Posin, trustees of Allen Farm Nominee Trust, for $1,250,000 on August 10.


Christon Family LLC purchased 15 Mill street, unit 29 in Edgartown from Victor J. DeFelice Jr. and Sandra M. DeFelice for $156,000 on August 7.

Edwin H. Brooks 2nd and Louise Brooks purchased 40 Fuller street in Edgartown from Sarah B. Foehl for $1,300,000 for August 11.

Oak Bluffs

Laura S. Malo purchased 4 Quail Run, unit 20 in Oak Bluffs from Robert L. Schiffman and Laura S. Malo for $230,000 on August 7.