The Martha’s Vineyard Transit Authority is moving forward with plans to go electric, with an order placed for four battery all-electric buses.

The buses are scheduled to be delivered in June 2018.

Earlier this year the VTA unveiled plans to transition to an entire fleet of electric buses, in addition to installing solar canopies and panels for an energy storage system to charge the buses with renewable energy.

According to a press release, the VTA placed an order for four buses with California-based bus manufacturer Build Your Dreams. The new buses are about the same size as current VTA buses, according to a press release, but can hold more passengers because there is no need for an engine. The batteries are guaranteed to last the 12-year life cycle of the new buses.

According to the press release, electric buses will be more fuel efficient, quieter, and require less maintenance than the existing diesel buses. The electric buses also produce zero tailpipe emissions.

The new all-electric buses will likely be put into operation next summer, the VTA said, and the authority will also pursue funding to add more all-electric vehicles to the fleet and invest in charging infrastructure.